Easter part 2

The second half of Easter was spent at Allan’s parents house. We had a really good time. We did a better egg hunt in their backyard that the girls LOVED.

Since I was taking pictures Allan held Payson the whole time (my favorite part of Easter, I have to say. lol)

Sierra didn’t participate much last year. She found eggs but she was slow and kinda confused about the whole thing. This year she was darting around everywhere. Smiling and giggling. It was adorable.

Allan’s dad video taped a lot of it which I was grateful for. It’s always fun to go to their house and look at their pictures and videos because it’s like seeing the event for the first time for me, through someone else’s eyes. Fun.

Gotta count the eggs at the end, of course.

He was smiling at grandma 🙂

And that’s every last picture from Easter! Whew!

3 thoughts on “Easter part 2

  • Not only does it look like a fun-filled day, the photos are beautiful! So simple and perfect, just like the moments.
    I feel awful for not getting around here as often anymore. I never intended to give the internet up, but it looks like I've been forced to. :c( Life's been so chaotic lately. I miss you!!!!

  • So much fun and all your pictures turned out great. I love the one of Sierra from behind picking up that egg amidst all the shrubbery and plants.

  • I love how “in the moment” these are! I gotta say the black and whites are my favorites… it just fits the mood I guess.

    My daughter has the same shirt Sierra is wearing… but hers is blue. She got it for her birthday. And actually she wore it for the first time on Saturday (to a theme park) and we saw 3 other little girls in the same shirt! How funny!

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