Tired day

Do you ever have a week that takes so much out of you that you don’t even want to speak?
I’m guessing yes.
So hopefully you’ll understand the lack of anything worthwhile on my blog today 🙂

Brooklyn and Sierra watching the cows in the desert behind our house-

6 thoughts on “Tired day

  • I hear ya loud and clear- I feel like I am SO SO busy lately but not doing anything worth writing about really- just life stuff. I love this photo of the girls though, they are so intent on those cows and the perspective is awesome. 🙂

  • I've been having those days all week – still recooping from my trip I think. That's why my blog has been bare for a week!

    I had a food question for you though whenever you get the energy to type again! 🙂 So, say you give your kids 3-4 things on their plate. Let's say, chicken, salad, and a fruit. Say they eat all of the chicken and they want more. Do you make them eat the rest of the food on their plate before they get more chicken? Or at least some of each things? Or at least all of one thing? Or do they not get seconds at all? I'm just curious because this has started coming up and I just wondered how you handle that situation (if it ever arises for you).

  • Yes. Yesterday felt like that here. Two sick kids, now I'm getting sick. It was our anniversary and we woke up to a small tragedy in our yard that was pretty upsetting. Then Abby fell all the way down our stairs and hit her head really hard on the floor at the bottom and immediately fell asleep. It was kind of scary for a bit.

    Those days stink. I hope yours improves.

    But by the way, that picture is really beautiful. The color is wonderful.

  • Yup i know exactly how you feel… but lately I have been keeping up with my blog it's insane! We're headed to California tonight for a family weekend with 30+ family members (annual thing) so I will be MIA for a while I think… lol. I will need time to recoup from theme parks and walking.

    You have cows behind your house… how cool is that?

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