What We Eat Wednesday

I suck at titles so I went with alliteration. lol
I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing posts about our meals. If you all like it I will, I just think it will get boring fast.
Of course most of my life is pretty boring. And yet, not. Chaotic boring. Yeah, that’s the perfect description of my life.

What was I talking about?
Oh yeah, food.

Let’s start with breakfast. Since that’s….what we start with..

On to Lunch!




Recipes I used this week:
Chicken Pot Pie
Waffles (Allan didn’t like these as much as other ones I’ve made)
Squash Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Taco Meat (I didn’t add chiles or onion)
Sloppy Joes (I didn’t add green peppers and instead of ketchup I used tomato paste)

Anything else I made was just my own made up recipes. Most of the time with chicken I bake it in one of those oven bags with seasoning and lots of vegetables. The kids like it best that way.

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11 thoughts on “What We Eat Wednesday

  • Wow! You are super mom! Most of what I feed my kids is crap compared to this! LOL Our eating schedules are crazy because not everyone eats at the same times. The kids have a small breakfast before I take my oldest to school. Then at about 10:30am or so I make a breakfast for me and the girls. By 1 or 2 we're hungry again and we eat. Then Diego gets home from school at 3 and he eats. My husband gets home from work at 5 and then he's hungry. By this time we've all already eaten so I just cook for him. But 2 hours later me and the girls are hungry again. I HATE it! And no one likes the same things! My husband being the pickiest most difficult one. Diego and the baby will eat anything pretty much or at least try it. Alayna and Jr refuse to eat hardly anything.

    I think I am going to try some of these these meals. My kids love fruits, some veggies, and yogurt and I see a lot of that. I have a lot of those little trays as well with all the separate spaces. Maybe it will have me take a better look at what we're eating too.

    I love these posts you do!

  • I love your meal posts! You have great ideas and feed you family very healthy! Keep it up- I don't think it's boring!

  • I'd definitely love for you to keep up the food posts! I love getting ideas from you. Since moving here (I don't know what it was about the move, a fresh start in sooo many ways) I've been MUCH more diligent about what I feed my kids. I always used to make sure they had either a fruit or veggie with each meal, but that was about it. We've been learning about the food pyramid and doing activities related to it and my kids just love it. I still gotta know though, how can you buy such a variety of produce and it not go bad? Cause I can usually only choose 2 fruits and 2 veggies per week because otherwise, it will go bad before we are able to eat it all.

  • Love it. A lot of the recipes you used look similar to mine…I am the queen of making up my own recipes.

    Love all the fresh fruit and veggies.Some of the textures bother Houston…but he will tear some fruit up 🙂

    Glad to see I am not the only one who serves my kiddo every meal in a divided plate, tray or muffin tin…LOL

  • I've been lurking on your blog for a couple months. I enjoy your posts (I homeschool also) but especially like your food posts (not boring at all!) What you feed your kids is similar to what I feed mine, minus the meat (we're vegetarians.) The divided plates are such a great thing for kids. My middle one (I have 5) can't have her food touching the others, so the divided plates are awesome for little ones who get bothered by that, lol. Keep up the fun posts, love reading them.

  • I love your food posts because I am ALWAYS looking for ideas for my kids. The last 2 weeks I have been serving them a lot more fruit and stuff. Food posts are so not boring to me.LOL.

  • Thanks so much for the food inspiration and recipes! I'm going to give some of those combos a try and see if I can get us out of our lunch and breakfast rut!

  • I'm a lurker who came across your blog from twopeas. Just had to tell you that I love your food posts! I'm studying to be a registered dietician and I think your menus are a great example of balanced meals.

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