Decorating Eggs

I don’t particularly like dyeing Easter eggs. Weird, no?
You all know me, I love doing crafts with my kids, I love baking with my kids, I’m not afraid of messes. But dyeing eggs? Just not fun for me.
Either way, how could I not let the girls decorate eggs? So I grit my teeth and let them have fun.
They ended up being much more interested in coloring the eggs with crayon.
(and yes, all the eggs in this post were raw! ugh)

There was a lot of dyeing happening, too.

My absolute favorite part was how they stopped every few minutes to show the other one their progress. “Look, Brookwyn, mine egg has a face”

“See-air-RA. I was drawing a face on my egg!”

Sierra’s happy expression is because she just figured out that her egg cracks!

“Sierra, is there a baby bird in there?!”

“Oooh. That is yolk, Seesee. See the yolk? That yellow?”

It’s loads of fun to make scrambled eggs now. My day starts off nice and colorful cooking with these babies..

5 thoughts on “Decorating Eggs

  • I could hate dyeing them too…I usually love crafts.

    One year I made Houston dye them in the tub on a towel…LOL

    It is so much more trouble for me than what it is worth and you can only eat so many of them…LOL

    The eggs look great and I could sooo totally see me forgetting to boil them.

    We didn't even do them because I forgot to by vingear 😛

  • When I was a kid that was the highlight of my year lol… dying the eggs. We ALWAYS did it. And my parents are totally not the “hey kids lets spend some quality time and dye eggs” kinda people. My mom has little patience for those types of things and not one creative bone in her body. But I am the total opposite. I love crafts and I love doing them with my kids… but I've never died eggs with them. I am not sure why… too much hassle? Next year we might try… if not we'll decorate plastic eggs.

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