In the mornings and evenings Payson and I get a little bit of alone time. Payson really loves this time together. He stays really close to me and whatever he’s doing he stops often to turn and give me a huge grin. It’s so fun.

He’s SO close to just taking off walking. He takes steps all the time. He stands for a long time. He can walk around holding just one of my hands. It’s soooo close! I’m going to have a little toddler!

LOOOOVES his mommy! *swoon*

LOOVES the trampoline as well.

He was clapping here-

He found the windows recently. I mean, they’ve always been there, but he just now notices them. lol
He LOVES that we have those crappy paper blinds temporarily because they make so much noise and to him, that’s the best.thing.ever!!

The cactus outside are very interesting.

Problem with paper blinds is they can scratch you.

Within .002 seconds he’s fine. Which says to me: Payson is a drama boy.

He loves it when he looks up from what he’s doing and sees me smiling. He knows I think he’s so clever.

4 thoughts on “Payson

  • He's soooo cute! I wish my one year old would just walk already. She's being so lazy which I wasn't used to with my other 2.

    I love this whole post on the baby's personality. Even so young they have their own little personality and traits that I love to see.

  • I love this post! and I love that last picture! He is adorable and his smile is a killer! I see him walking before my Eli does. Eli just doesn't have much of a desire unless you are holding his hand.

  • I really love this post. It's all the little moments like these that we will look back on and cherish when our children are grown. I love how you document it all. He looks like such a sweetie.

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