Shall I say it was lovely?

I could tell you about a lovely day.
A day spent with happy children.
Lots of smiles.
Plentiful laughter.
So much love.

Or I could tell you the truth. The notsopleasant reality that it turned out to be.. for me.. the children had a good time of course.

Let’s back it up a bit to yesterday morning.

I was bored.

I decided that today there was going to be a birthday party.

Brooklyn and Sierra have some stuffed animal puppies they’re awfully in love with. Toto and Tutu are their names. We decided it was their second birthday and we were going to throw them a party.

The glorious day started with the baking. Brooklyn and Sierra had a hand in every part of that.


Fill (and spill):

Onto presents. You just cannot have a birthday without presents.

Payson was so helpfully aware that poor mommy’s arms weren’t full enough with bowls, cupcake tins and wrapping paper. Mommy needs a baby in those lonely arms of hers. “Mommy, pick me up! I can’t stand being away from you for these long five minutes! It’s too much, mommy!”

Speaking of Payson, look at my lazy bub. Won’t even attempt to hold his own bottle.

Are you cringing at my spitup covered couch? You weren’t supposed to notice that. I can’t help it if Payson had reflux for 7 months that covered every square inch of my couch (along with every article of clothing Payson and I owned, every bib/cloth diaper and towel in sight, every last bit of every sheet he and I used….etc)

Back to the important stuff. The birthday party!
The park makes a good spot for celebrating. Especially on such a gooooooorgeous day.

The girls help their puppies open the presents.

The cupcakes are brought out and three sets of eyes don’t so much as glance up as long as there are cherry chip flavored crumbs in sight.

It takes serious concentration to enjoy those cupcakes.

The girls had fun pretending to blow out the candles over and over again.

Cupcakes + Hot day = Thirsty boy
Notice that once again he refuses to even touch the cup. Lazy.

Alright my blog friends. This is where things took a terrible turn for the worse.

Balloons? What could possibly go wrong with balloons in sight? And in the picture below my daughters seem happy enough, right?

Well, I thought it’d be a fun, new thing for the girls to let the balloons go and we could lay on the grass and watch them float away.

The girls seemed really excited about it. Excited up until a second after the balloons left their hands and they realized they weren’t coming back.

They are definitely not coming back.

Can you see the slumped over body in the distance there?

I’m sorry for ruining your childhood, Brooklyn.

At this point Brooklyn was literally crying hysterically. “I…w..w..want my b..b..balloo..oons..b..back..k..k”

No worries children!! No worries! Mom will fix it!
With…. bubbles!!!!

The sight of the bubble bottle immediately cut off the tears. The balloons were loooong forgotten.

Yes. Bubbles are fun.

Except when they spill on you.

Sierra was pretty darn pissed at the bubbles spilling on her. So pissed in fact, that she ended up tripping in the parking lot because she was stomping around throwing a little fit.

We stopped at WalMart and I was able to buy a mini first aid kit and patch her right up.

It really wasn’t enough, though, her mood was ruined and it was going to take a nap to snap out of this one.

Did someone say nap? I know of another little one who needs a nap.. Notice the blank expression and glazed over eyes?

Brooklyn, however, was in a chipper mood and wanting to help out all through WalMart.

And those pepsis she’s loading onto the conveyor belt? Sitting down with one of those after the kids were in bed was my favorite part of the day.

13 thoughts on “Shall I say it was lovely?

  • haha… this was hilarious. I gotta take my hat off to you, Ariana. Even though it didn't go perfectly, this was a seriously ambitious day in my opinion. You are a really fun mom to go to so much effort for stuffed animal puppies birthdays!

  • Ah, the ups and downs of life.

    Of course, how many times do I do an adult version of “I just spilled my bubbles so my life is ruined” routine?

    Probably far too often (but you'd have to ask my wife).

    And lazy babies? If I didn't have to hold my cup, I wouldn't [smile].


  • See, the best part of all of this is that you can make a somewhat-joke out of it. When things start getting THAT out of control, there's really nothing else you can do but laugh!
    I honestly think that Peyton and Brooklyn were made from the same mold. The look on her face and the way she's all slumped over after her balloon flew away actually LOOKED like Peyton to me. You poor, poor woman! lol Having a child like that is never dull! ;c)
    So we both had crappy days yesterday….today HAS to be better, right?! It can't possibly get worse.
    We really need to seriously think about a meet-up. My hubby gets to do an awful lot of traveling and “fun” stuff on his own…I need a weekend or something!!

  • Awe, you made good humor out of it all! Haven't we all cried over spilled bubbles and lost balloons 🙂 What a fun day for the children, mishaps and all!

  • That was hilarious. My 3 year old daughter is just like that. She would have been drama too. She overdramatizes every situation. She's so funny. She would have flipped if she let go of the balloon.

    And what a cute idea to throw a birthday party. Why can't I think of fun things like that?

  • lol I love reading your blog stories. That was too funny. I can't believe I am the same age as you and you already have 3 kids!! I'm not sure I'd be able to handle that right now haha.

  • Oh my heck. I just have been going over all the blog stuff I missed thinking you weren't doing it anymore but this day was so funny and I laughed so hard at how you did it! We all have had mommy days like this but the way you tell it very funny! Thank you for the fun! Mom and G'ma D

  • Oh my heck. I just have been going over all the blog stuff I missed thinking you weren't doing it anymore but this day was so funny and I laughed so hard at how you did it! We all have had mommy days like this but the way you tell it very funny! Thank you for the fun! Mom and G'ma D

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