6 thoughts on “So Brooklyn. So Sierra.

  • At least you have ONE who is sweet and giggly…mine are both crazy! lol I love the over-the-shoulder grin Sierra's giving you. She's such a doll. :c)

    Today I was trying to convince Hudson that he can stand on his own, but he kept grabbing for my arms/hands because he's afraid of falling down. One time I stood him up really fast and then snatched my hands away before he could grab them. And HE TOOK A STEP toward me!! Then he sat down. 😛 little stinker!

  • I would describe my girls pretty much the same. But then Chaylee gets Abby to join in with her and then they feed off one another.

    I love the one of Sierra looking over her shoulder. It's darling.

  • LOOOOOVE these!! Brooklyn is so full of spunk and personality and too cute!!! 🙂 Sierra looks beautiful in those pics and I love the little “over the shoulder” look she's giving!!! I'm still showing the girls what your girls eat every time you post pics of them eating something!! Keep it up, it really helps them to see that their “friends” are eating healthy!!! 🙂

  • Brooklyn reminds me of my daughter so much 🙂 She is just a seriously silly & crazy little noodle!

    Great job capturing their personalities!

  • Love you blog! Your kids are so cute and the food posts are inspiration!

    What I'm trying to figure out is WHERE did I come across your blog? Are you on 2Peas?…

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