He gets around

Payson is pretty close to walking. He’s doing all the rightbeforewalking things that babies do. I’m surprised that it’s happening so soon. I shouldn’t be surprised because he rolled over, sat up, and crawled long before the girls met those milestones, but still. Still it surprises me.

He stands up all the time by himself. The longest he’s stood for on his own has been about 15 seconds. He takes steps, too. They always result in an immediate face plant.
He never cries, though. Just gets up and tries again!

He’s a good kid.

4 thoughts on “He gets around

  • That's so exciting! I've always found walking to be the most exciting milestone of all. Suddenly one day, they are just this tiny little person walking around. It's so cute. He is always so ahead with his gross motor skills.

    Can you believe we are approaching their first birthday's already? This year has flown by.

  • Aww! MY daughter just turned one on Saturday and has no intention of standing on her own let alone walking!!! My 2 other kids walked by their first birthday. So this is weird for me. She also started teething late. She barely got her first tooth 3 weeks ago and now she's got 4 all together.

    Your baby is so adorable. Love his little teeth in the 2nd photo.

  • what a cutie! I can't believe how light his hair is getting. Eli still has some fear in him so I can't tell how soon he may start walking. Payson will probably beat out all these older boys on that one.

  • I can't believe how BIG he is getting!!! I remember seeing our boys being born on these blogs and now they are all growing up so fast!!! He is ADORABLE! I love his expressions and he looks so cuddly!! I want to squeeze him! 🙂

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