Sierra’s Haircut

Sierra’s hair has never quite recovered from the time Brooklyn cut it last year. She had some extreme layers in there that looked *really* weird when her hair was all down with no clips or anything.
So, I finally got the courage to cut it.

I still think it looks awful, but she can wear it down now without looking like she has a mullet.

I have to share this because it’s so my kids. Anytime we get home from the store and I am putting the groceries away they have to be present to watch and talk about each item.

Usually they just look and talk about the food with me but since I had my camera out today the took the opportunity to snatch some grapes. Heaven forbid they wait the 10 seconds it takes me to wash them πŸ˜›

-the plates the girls eat off of in my posts below are just some from Target.

6 thoughts on “Sierra’s Haircut

  • I think her hair looks cute!

    Love the grocery pics! The food looks colorful and yummy.

    I have some trays kinda like those that are older tupperware trays…they are the best.

    I also feed Houston out of a silicone muffin pan…sounds weird but he loves it!

  • Is it weird that I miss your private blog? It's not like the content is any different or anything…I just miss it. :c(
    Sierra would look cute with ANY haircut. She's always so happy and sweet, I think she could pull almost anything off. Not that you'd want to butch her hair or anything! lol
    I wish Emmy's hair would just hurry up and GROW! It's gotten kinda' long, but it's so unlike Peyton's at that age. Emmy's is so wispy and thin, making it really hard to do anything with it. Sierra looks like she has nice hair!!

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