My Mom’s Visit

I hadn’t seen my mom for 2 years before this visit! I took a lot of pictures so beware…

My mom got the girls some Care Bear paper doll things and they had a good time putting them together.

At some point during the visit we were playing wizards and Brooklyn got killed. She couldn’t keep a straight face, though.

The week before my mom came Payson started doing the silliest face I’ve ever seen. Shown here on the left:

He knows it cracks us up so he does it often. Every single time I laugh my butt off! It’s just so goofy looking!

Payson got FOUR new teeth last Friday so we’ve been seeing a lot of his tongue. (Yes, FOUR teeth in one day! I’m still in shock about it!)

My mom read my girls a lot of books while she was here. I love that she did because my girls view reading time as the best bonding time in the world. I know they’ll always remember grandma taking the time to read with them.

We went to the park. I can’t even describe how absolutely gorgeous the weather’s been this week. I feel totally spoiled by it. Every day since we moved here it’s been complete perfection outside!

Payson is such a little lovebug.

Just two other snaps from the carnival:

And some snaps of Payson and Allan after bathtime.

My kids stayed up too late every night my mom was here. They loved it but it left for some awfully grumpy kiddos. Payson ended up needing some hefty naptimes.

Random pic of Sierra coloring.

Random pictures from eating out..

Merry-go-rounds are so much fun.

Random shot from Wendy’s one day. I love this because Payson was throwing everything on the ground and they both are watching as a fry he’d tossed landed in my purse. lol

The girls got a chance to wear grandma’s glasses.

My mom had to leave this morning. We got up super early so I only got 4 hours of sleep last night. And here it is 1:30am!! I’m so so so exhausted but I didn’t want to try to blog tomorrow while the kids are up!
Anyway this post is finally done! I actually have a lot MORE pictures/videos to edit and post but man, oh man I am tired and I am going to bed right now!!

9 thoughts on “My Mom’s Visit

  • Love all the pics! I am so glad you had a wonderful visit with your mom! I can't imagine going 2 years without seeing my mom! You two look so much alike!

    Payson is such a little Gene Simmons with that tongue! lol

    That yellow outfit that Sierra is wearing at the carnival, I totally bought for Erica also. And then the ones she's wearing on the carousel, I almost got but was worried it would need to be ironed a lot (does it?).

  • Looks like you had a wonderful visit with your mom. You can definitely tell she's your mother!
    I love all the pictures of Payson. He looks so adorable. I love his goofy face! Too funny. 4 teeth at one time…bless his little heart. And his sleeping with his pajama pants cracked me up.
    I love the girls dresses in those last pictures. Beautiful!
    I liked your robot video…too funny, tell Allan he did a great job! lol

  • Wow I don't know if I could go that long without seeing my mom… but I live with her still. So… LOL
    Your mom seems like a wonderful Grandma. Taking the time to read to the girls is awesome! And you look like her little twin!

    The kiddos are so cute. I can't believe Payson got 4 teeth in one day! My daughter will be 1 on Saturday and just 2 weeks ago we found her first tooth and today I noticed her 5th one is coming in… all 5 are coming in at the same time.

    My faorite pictures have to be the ones after the bath… they just look so clean and fresh!

    What a jam packed visit! Looks like you had fun.

  • I am so glad you got to see your mom after so long. That must have been an awesome visit. I love all the pictures. Poor Payson getting 4 teeth in at once. Ouch.

    Oh and you look just like your mom.:)

  • I am glad you got to visit with your mom….2 years is a long time. I can't imagine. I love all the pictures.

    The ones of Payson's funny faces and the ones with the girls wearing the glasses cracked me up!

    I love the one of you and your mom….you do favor each other a little bit.

    My mom is actually flying out to visit our family up north today and I m so sad I am missing it…:(

    Glad I didn't plan on going considering I have the freakin mumps!

    Love the pics!

  • Wow, so many great pictures! It looks like you had a great time with your Mom. I'll bet it was wonderful after not being together for so long!

    The pictures of Payson's tongue sticking out are incredibly adorable. I LOVE it when babies discover their tongue. And 4 teeth…oh my! That is a lot all at once. Poor little guy.

    One of my favorites is the picture of Payson hitting or pushing your husband's face away. I love the ones that are completely unposed and capture little moments like that the best.

  • TWO years!!! Oh my goodness, I'd die if I didn't see my mom for that long. Looks like you guys had a good time while she was there and I bet she was glad to see the kids after so long too!

    You look JUST like her!!

  • WOW you like just like your mom! Beautiful ladies! Glad you get to see her after such a long time. Im sure the kids loved having a grandparent around.
    Poor Payson! Layla always cuts two teeth at a time but never four! Bless his heart!

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