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Payson Walks

So I mentioned before that Payson had walked one day a couple weeks ago. He’d walked about three feet back then.

Yesterday Payson decided that he was going to get this whole walking thing down. With a tube of hydrocortisone cream as bait, he walked back and forth between the couch and kids’ table. He was SO proud of himself. He giggled the whole way.

Wouldn’t you know that the week he starts really walking I leave my video camera at my in laws’!
(and yes you can see our laundry day does not make for a pretty backdrop to his first walking pictures. real life = messy.

The giggling. The giggling was too much. I had to stop him after each trip back to smother him in kisses. I really did.

And the standing. Oh my gosh the standing! He’s 10 months old and he’s standing in the middle of my kitchen like he’s a little man or something.

Near the end of the night he was walking 6-8 feet distances and stopping and standing in place for a looong time! He’s so darn cute!!

Apple and Carrot Muffins with Maple Syrup

We made muffins this morning.

Today, after tasting flour, Brooklyn says: “yuck, that was not sugar.”

I really like this new magazine cookbook I got. It’s called “Annabel Karmel Family Cookbook”.

Payson woke up just as the muffins were ready to eat.

They were a big hit.

After that we did school time.

And now we’re heading to my in laws’ house since we have family visiting from Texas and Utah.

Have a good weekend 🙂

Today has been a together day

Today was a simple day. I took a couple pictures. Nothing extraordinary but I love them.

Payson whining for food. The arms will not go down until the food is in his mouth.

I got some magnet books at KMart. We had fun playing with those today.

We spent a LOT of time in Payson’s room today. It’s SO dark in there so the pictures are grainy but I don’t mind.

Sitting with children crawling and playing on my lap.

It’s one of the best feelings in the world to sit down and know that there will soon be children crawling all over you. No matter what’s going on, when I sit down on that floor they are there. Immediately.

I didn’t get anything on my to do list crossed off today.
It was one of the fullest days I’ve had in a very long time.

Easter Part 3! for Grandma!

My mom sent the kids a huge Easter package. That’s what this entire post will be about…

Thank you, mom! The kids loooooved every single thing.


The quarters are always a huge hit. (My mom puts in some quarters every time she sends a package, my kids LOVE it)

All my kids are REALLY easy to shop for, they all like pretty much any and every toy ever made. Payson loved all his Easter goodies. He even loves books and will sit and listen to me read to him which is just awesome.

The kids liked the candy even more than the quarters. My kids like candy more than…. everything.

They were all sharing with each other. It was pretty darn cute.

My mom’s husband had this entire Scholastic set from when his daughter was younger and they decided to send it to me because they know I love Scholastic stuff. Everything except for one workbook is new! I was really happy to get this because Brooklyn LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES these scholastic games/books.

It is requisite to eat all suckers at once.

I can’t believe I have three Easter posts!

Easter part 1
Easter part 2

Easter "Grass" FUN

Ok, it’s not really Easter grass, per se, but little strips of Dora paper (which I like better, personally). The girls had a BLAST throwing this stuff up in the air over and over and over and over and over… x 100 times.

And then I have a bunch of random pictures that I’ll just throw in here..

And a totally random one of the kids..

It was too bright for them to look towards me.

All I’ve got

The only pictures I took this entire weekend were these few from when we were at Costco.
I know you all are probably getting sick of pictures of my kids at stores, but look how cute Sierra and Payson were being when sitting together in the cart..
(putting Payson’s binky back in his mouth)


They were also playing footies the whole time. It was SO cute because they’d be doing it without thinking about it and then suddenly Payson would look down and watch their feet and then look at Sierra and smile… *swoon*

Brooklyn got a back massage…

About the stolen pictures thing:
The whole thing with that lady stealing my pictures was just…so WEIRD.
She had a bunch of my pictures from my recent posts and had labeled them pretty much how I labeled them on my blog but she’d changed all our names. WEIRD, huh?!

I’m debating putting a watermark on my photos. It’d be something that had my blog address- that way if someone stole my pictures people would see where they stole the image from.

What do you think? Should I watermark my pictures?