Perfect Weather!

I was planning on staying in all day today just doing some school stuff with the kids and cleaning up a bit but the weather was so perfect that I just had to take the kids to the park.

There were a lot of dandelions growing in the grass. The girls made a ton of wishes which was really cute.

I got this frisbee at the dollar store. Brooklyn and Sierra had the BEST time playing!

Payson attacked the only “toy” in sight. My purse. Here he is munching away on my wallet.

Both my girls feel the need to twirl around when playing in the grass.

After the wallet lost it’s appeal, Payson headed for my sunglasses.

We play hide and seek.

We played frisbee some more.

And we just kinda hung out.

I really needed a new pair of crap jeans. Jeans just to wear around the house. So I went to Ross.

When we got home I sat Sierra in the same place as Brooklyn was yesterday and tried to get a good picture of her.

12 thoughts on “Perfect Weather!

  • I'm so jealous! What beautiful weather, green and flowers! We've had less than an inch of snow this year, and today we are supposed to get 12!

  • What a beautiful day. The pictures are all great. I thought about getting some logs for the kids before but I wasn't sure if they would enjoy them or not. I bet they would. Glad the kids had so much fun with them.:)

  • I love the girls dresses and Sierra's hair is awesome! I've never been good at those tiny rubber bands! And of course Payson is as cute as can be.

  • I love all of these pictures. Their dresses are so pretty. Green is one of my favorite colors. It's so bright and happy. Sierra's hair looks really cute like that too.

    Looks like beautiful weather. We were in the 70's last week and today we have a horizontal blizzard outside our window, and it's 32 degrees.

  • I just realized you live in AZ too… what part?

    Love the pictures… my kids and I always have such a good time at the park. And the weather has been perfect! The girls dresses are adorable. My daughter has the one Brooklyn is wearing.

  • How fun! It was a nice day here today, but still pretty chilly. I didn't think about taking the kids to the outdoor park, but all my blogging friends are taking their kids to the park. 😛

    My boys have that same green shirt. So cute!

    I love the girls' dresses!

    What a great deal on Lincoln Logs! I might have to go check out Ross!

  • Hi! :c)
    I'm the TENTH comment?! Sheesh…some friend I am. ;c) lol
    I would give ANYTHING to be in AZ right now. It's only 19 degrees here and we've been trapped indoors since last week.
    We really need to figure out if we can make a get-together happen!!!

  • We got our new Sonlight Catalog last week and I picked it up today to look at and saw you guys on the cover!!!! That's so awesome!

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