How To Go Crazy in 2 Hours

Sierra peed her pants today. She was doing so well, it was her longest no-peed-pants streak yet. About a week and a half with no accidents, but today was the day the streak ended.

I can’t imagine it being any more difficult to potty train a child than it is to potty train Miss Sierra. She is a stubborn, stubborn little girl when she wants to be.

For long time readers of my blog, do you remember when it was just Brooklyn and Sierra and they’d always insist on taking a picture by the front door before we went anywhere?
For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, these next two pictures are from 2007..

Brooklyn LOVED taking a picture at the door on our way out. That habit kinda died off when Payson was born.
Well, I decided for old times sake (2007, old times?) we’d do that today.

I brought my big old camera along with me on errands for the millionth time and decided I was going to take a picture even if it was a boring shot of Payson in his stroller. I will use my camera dang it!

Payson was more interested in a bird that flew overhead.

Then he noticed a dirt smudge on the car. Is dirt really more interesting than mommy? 🙁

Aha! Mommy making monkey sounds in the parking lot is more interesting than the dirt smudge! And I don’t recall the dirt smudge getting that cute little smirk…

The girls waiting for psycho mom to put brother in the car so that we can get out of the parking lot already.

Brooklyn was pouting because she got a toy bucket taken away in the store after she wouldn’t stop taking items off the shelves and begging me for them.

Next, at WalMart, Payson thought 3 hours was much too long to go in between meals. Maybe thought isn’t the right word. Payson screamed and hollered about how he knows 3 hours is much too long to go in between meals.
All was calmed with a maple teething biscuit.

Arriving home I picked the kid that was in the best mood and went out in the front yard for some pictures before dinner.
Brooklyn saw a bird in the sky just like Payson did earlier. What is up with these birds stealing my kids attention away?!

It was actually an airplane making cool lines in the sky. It just sounded better if it had been another bird, right?

What do you think this face means?

I love this next one.

Her interpertation of a “cool dude” face.

Not sure I like the post processing I did on this one…

She makes life interesting.

3 thoughts on “How To Go Crazy in 2 Hours

  • (I had to delete my first comment because I had too many typos to be able to walk away. It would drive embarrass and drive me crazy.)

    Potty training is so hard! Abby was doing great, no accidents for a couple months, I thought we had mastered it. Then suddenly two weeks ago, when the weather warmed up and she started playing outside with friends, she had three accidents in one week. It guess it didn't occur to me that I had not yet conquered the outdoor potty training. Ugh! Now I have to make sure and train myself to remember to make her go inside from time to time and go potty whether she says she needs to or not.

    I think the picture tradition in front of the door is cute! I like your front door too. It's a beautiful color.

    I like the “cool dude” face. She's so cute.

  • And as you can see, my second comment still has errors in it. I'm trying to type while Cayden is climbing all over me, yelling and trying to smack the keyboard.

  • LOVE the new header! So pretty! I usually read on bloglines, so I don't always realize when you've made format updates.

    Love this post! So many wonderful pics! Brooklyn is such a ham! Can't wait for the warm AZ weather! Only 15 more days!

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