Today was pretty darn simple

We spent our day mostly cleaning, reading and doing some workbook stuff. It was really mellow.
During lunch today I just had to snap pictures because….
Sierra was munching away.

And Brooklyn was scowling… again.

She reacts to 90% of foods that way. I mean, what’s so terrible about chicken (and it was moist, delicious chicken), sweet potatoes, and salad? Apparently these three things are among some of the nastiest things on earth.

I was cleaning all day and Payson followed me around everywhere “helping”.

Told ya it was pretty darn simple.

4 thoughts on “Today was pretty darn simple

  • I haven't had a simple day in a few months! What I would give for a simple day…

    I love that first picture.

  • How can Brooklyn be so unhappy when she has a Belle cup? [smile]

    The pictures are great, as usual [smile]. …yesterdays' still crack me up…


  • These last 2 posts are hysterical. I can't believe Brooklyn reacts like that to delicious food. You'll have to cook something that she really likes and let us see her reaction to that. Little Sierra must have hollow legs if she eats that good. She's just so tiny! Great that she's a good eater. That always makes life for us Mommy's so much easier. I think Eli is going to my big eater. So far…so good.

    Have a grat weekend!

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