Since you asked..

Since breakfast today was something Brooklyn loves I snapped a few pictures of her to show you that she does like some foods. Oddly enough, eggs are one of her new favorites. She used to gag and throw up when tasting eggs and now she loooooves them. She is such a weird eater!

I promise I’ll post pictures later today that have no food in them!!!

Oh and I almost forgot. See the drink they had this morning? Fruitables strawberry kiwi. Brooklyn was asking me what kind of juice it was and I told her to look at the picture. She says, “strawberry and kee…kee….keeweed? Is that called kiweed?” before I answered Sierra pipes in, “strawberry seaweed?!?”.

4 thoughts on “Since you asked..

  • She is SO funny! She reminds me of myself with her eating habits… I have always been a PAINFULLY picky eater- there are still certain tastes and textures I just gag on. But she sure does seem to be enjoying that breakfast! (and it's a healthy one, can't complain about that,LOL!)

    I don't mind your food photos at all… I never think to take pics of K eating, but I should- she eats some strange things! LOL

  • Yeah a picture of Brooklyn smiling! LOL. Such variety in your meals! I'm usually a 3 items cooker. I've enjoyed your food posts! Next up is Payson…he's been left out on this food journal you have going here. Eli got his 1st taste of an ice cream sandwich last night. Talk about some good pictures. I hope to get those posted tonight.

  • I struggle with my 3 year old on what to feed her sometimes. She doesn't eat a variety of foods. But she loves eggs as well! Oh man she goes crazy when I make eggs. The kid won't even eat a sandwich!

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