His favorite place

I thought I’d post about Payson’s favorite place in the house. The kitchen.

He crawls into the kitchen any chance he gets in hopes of finding a crumb or two dropped by the girls while they eat.

He loves it when I crawl under the table with him. He’ll start babbling away happily and give me this head tilt like a puppy does along with a sly smile. Such a mama’s boy.

He also likes to do laps around the kitchen island while pushing a chair. Would you believe he’s actually pretty good at turning the darn thing to get where he wants to go? He also stood on his own for a few seconds a couple times today.

He’s at a disadvantage when it comes to walking. He has these massive thighs to lift with each step. That’s got to be hard.

He’s actually pretty sick this week and not in the best mood.

And his mood noticably sours when Brooklyn is near.

4 thoughts on “His favorite place

  • You have adorable kids! I LOVE that picture of the chunky baby legs. Too cute! Love his little tilted foot. I noticed that you are giving up your internet, and I will miss your posts. I don't even remember how I found your blog (2Peas, I think), but I've enjoyed checking it out.

  • He is truly adorable… those thighs I could just eat them up! My daughter's favorite place is the kitchen as well. I wish she would stand for a minute… she's 11 1/2 months old and still doesn't want to.

  • Those thighs are huge, but so cute!
    Since reading your posts about food, I was wondering what your mealtime rules are. I have a couple of picky eaters and it's pretty frustrating, so I am always looking for ideas from other moms. Do you mind sharing what works for you and what kinds of foods your kids like? Thanks!!!!! 🙂

  • He's so cute. I love the picture of him looking at you through the legs of the chair. I empathize with him on how hard it is to lift thighs like that. 😉

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