Things get more boring by the second

Payson is my clingiest baby. Brooklyn was a clingy baby. Payson is clingy on steroids. If I leave the room he screams as if a limb has been torn from his body. If I even cross the room he screams as if a limb has been torn from his body.
He doesn’t like mommy to be any more than 3 or 4 feet from him at all times.

I didn’t think the pack and play thing would work.
I was right.
He started crying about 30 seconds after being placed here.

Oh well. At least I tried.

Sierra and I had some good cuddle time this afternoon. After talking together for quite a bit while laying in her bed I took a couple pictures of her with her cute little fountain ponytail.

My house smells good right now. Like lavendar and Windex.

10 thoughts on “Things get more boring by the second

  • Awww…. I have a clinger too, and she's almost 4! She must be physically attached to my leg at ALL TIMES. It's so annoying, but I try so hard to remind myself that one day she won't need me anymore and I'll long for the clingy days again! LOL.

  • Oh yes… I have an 11 month old JUST like that… she screams like she's being kidnapped! And LOUD! It's awful. I can't do anything without her attached at my hip.

    And my 3 year old daughter is clingy too just without the screams. She's never around other kids so she doesn't interact with them. I signed her up for ballet… she had her first class… and she sat next to me the whole time and watched. And she LOVES ballet. Ugh…

  • Awwww, look at her BANGS! Adorable! :c)
    Hudson is a clingy baby too, but it really sounds like Payson has him beat. lol You'll have to make a video of him. You can taunt him from 5 feet away and get him to scream. ;c) (sorry…I'm so evil! lol)

  • Those have got to be the most adorable pictures of Sierra I've ever seen. I love them! She is so sweet looking.

    I can totally relate on the clingy baby, and it's so hard! Chaylee acted exactly like you described Payson, FOREVER. It took her a long time to grow out of that. Cayden was worrying me by being the same way until a few weeks ago when he started to become more secure in his crawling and independence. Thankfully he's been like a different baby since becoming confidently mobile and doesn't cry half as much when I walk away. It still happens a few times each day, but it's an amount I can live with.

    I hope Payson passes that phase quickly for you because I know it is so frustrating!

  • I can't believe how big Sierra is getting! She is so stinkin cute. I love Payson and all of his chubbiness. I think it's sweet that he always wants you near…maybe I'd feel differently if I was a mom and had a child like this.

  • I love those pictures of Sierra with that blue background. Plus she's sporting her adorable smile!
    Good luck with the clingy baby! Eli has his moments. My mom says that he follows her around all day. LOL

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