Daddy Daughter Walk

Brooklyn is feeling sick and has a fever today so she’s in the school room napping (there’s a futon in there) so Allan took the opportunity to take Sierra on a walk. I snapped this before they left.

See that pile of dirt in front of them? My 4Runner gets awfully dirty when I go out into the desert for pictures. lol

8 thoughts on “Daddy Daughter Walk

  • Aww! I love that he does things like that with the kids… he is an amazing daddy! I sure hope Brooklyn feels better soon, poor thing!

  • Awww, she looks so excited to be going with her daddy. That's so cute. I'm sorry Brooklyn is sick. I can't wait till this sick season ends. It's been non-stop sickness with someone here for 4 weeks straight. Ugh.

  • Poor Brooklyn. :c( I hope the sickies leave your house for good soon!!
    This picture is absolutely A-Dorable!!! Sierra looks so utterly pleased to be going out with Daddy. Awwwww….

  • I found you through 2peas and I wanted to say I love your pictures! I live in Arizona as well. And your kiddos are so adorable.

    My 3 are about the same ages… (Almost) 6 year old son, 3 1/2 year old daughter, and 11 month old daughter.


  • Awww! How sweet! Such a good Daddy! I love the bond between father & daughter. It always melts me to see Jaxson with Layla. It doesn't matter what they are doing, just the sight of the two of them together. I miss my daddy…

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