Payson is 9 months!

I haven’t done his 9 month portraits yet. I need to do a better 9 month post, but I don’t know when I’ll get time for that.
Oh and we’ll have the internet at home until probably next weekend. I want to sell a bunch of books and stuff on ebay before we cancel it.

4 thoughts on “Payson is 9 months!

  • I cannot even BELIEVE he is 9 mos already!!! OMG. He just gets cuter and cuter. It has been SO fun watching him grow through your photos… I would definitely love to get out to AZ one day and meet you all! (I know our girls would have a BLAST together!!!)

  • I was going to text you earlier with a question…didn't know you'd updated your blog! (I'll have to add this one to my google reader so I can keep up!)
    How close is Payson to walking? Is he showing any interest? Hudson is blowing my mind lately…he is always pushing things across the floor to get around and he even stood by himself for about 10 second the other day! (without holding onto anything) Neither of my girls walked until they were about 13 months old so it's really fun to see him do things a little earlier. Fun and sad at the same time, I guess… ;c)
    Payson looks so cute in all these pics. He has really changed a lot lately!!

  • 9 months! So much fun! So, what was he eating? Eli looks like 3/4 of the day. The kid loves to eat and hates to get his face washed. Adorable pictures!

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