Not much to share- just a post office visit.

We went to the post office. I FINALLY mailed off the girls’ letters to their penpals! I’ve had that on my to do list for probably- 4 months? 5 months? Forever!

Both girls absolutely love the post office. It makes them hyper.

We went to the dollar store just for fun. The girls spotted popsicles.

And that’s it. Mellow. And yet not at all mellow.

3 thoughts on “Not much to share- just a post office visit.

  • Aww, that is so fun!!! And what is it about kids and the post office??? Kaitlyn has a COW every time we go in, literally she bounces off the walls! She just loves to go get a sticker from the post lady, LOL.

  • Got the package! :c)
    The girls have already devoured every single item that was inside…well, except for the stickers. ;c) LOL
    Thanks, and expect a return letter/package soon!!!

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