Yuck Day

Today sucked. I’ve had a bad week. Three sick kids- not fun.

I have been cleaning like crazy, trying to catch up from not keeping up on everything this week (hello 5 loads of puke laundry). I walked in my bedroom to put some clothes away and my bed looked so comfy so I just plopped down for a minute. My camera was on the table nearby so I decided to take a couple snaps to remember the exhaustion of this day.

The kids, never ones to let me alone for five seconds, joined me.

And then unrelated- one of Brooklyn.

When I’m having a hard week I tend to want to take a break from blogging. But I really don’t like when other people do that. lol. So, blogging I will do.

3 thoughts on “Yuck Day

  • Ugh.

    May everyone get well soon, may you get the rest you need, and may you find joy in the little things of life today.

    And I'm glad you blogged …if that little bit of encouragement helps you feel better at all [smile].

    Hang in there!


  • Hi there baby~

    I am glad you blogged too.

    I tend to want to “isolate” when I am stressed out. That is so not what you get to do when you have kids!

    The pictures are very sweet with them being all cuddly with their mommy!

    XXX & 000, Debbra

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