I asked the foot doctor..

We spent 5 hours and 45 minutes doing the doctor thing yesterday. 3 hours of those were spent in the car. Payson was really good at letting me know he really hated that. My ears will never be the same.

I got to the doctor 15 minutes early. I felt really happy about that because it was downtown and I’ve never driven downtown Phoenix and I navigated the one ways and the no turn zones like a pro. 3 years ago I would’ve collapsed into a ball and wept upon finding out I had to drive downtown alone. I used to be afraid of getting lost. Weird. Now I am never afraid of getting lost. It seems really silly that I ever was afraid. lol

I was called up to the check-in desk after a while and the receptionist informed me that my appointment was actually 2 hours later. I called her on that. I made the appointment for early in the day to avoid rush hour so I know for a fact she was wrong. I ALSO had got a call the day before from them with the time.
While she fiddled on the computer and then went to talk to the doctor I checked my voicemail and sure enough- I had the right time.

They couldn’t squeeze me in so I had to wait. Instead of staying in the tiny waiting room, I took the kids out to eat at McDonald’s.

Payson tried a french fry for the first time. I didn’t have an extra two hours worth of food for him. He eats a lot. So- to keep him munching I let him snack on fries. What kind of mother have I become?

They were telling each other secrets and cracking each other up. It was really cute.

We finished lunch up in 45 minutes and headed back to the office. I let the kids play on the bottom floor of the building for an hour.

After I was thoroughly bored of sitting there we headed back up to the waiting room. It was another 15 minutes there. The kids kept themselves busy, though.

Back in the waiting room Brooklyn took Payson on some laps around the chairs. The room was empty so I didn’t mind.

Sierra did so good during her appointment. She tried her hardest to follow instructions perfectly. She’s such a good kid. It was really fun for me to have the whole day devoted to her. Even though it was to see if something was wrong with her feet, I could tell she loved the attention- she’s the typical middle child- neglected. I need to spend some extra special time with my little Sierra.

The official diagnosis on her paperwork: toe walking.
Cracks me up.
She is totally fine, by the way. The doctor said she’d grow out of it and not to worry about it.

A nurse watched Brooklyn and Payson while I went with Sierra to the x-ray room. The nurse let Brooklyn color.
And then we got to go home! Yay.

Wizard of Oz Photoshoot

I took some of those Wizard of Oz pictures I’d planned. The girls were extremely cooperative, which is amazing. We had a BLAST. At the very end the girls were enjoying their reward, their lollipops, so I took a couple pictures of them standing there.

It was getting dark at that point. I had the girls’ play house out there in the desert with some knee socks as the witch’s feet and all that. Several people drove by and slowed down to see what was going on. We got a lot of waves and smiles and pointing. The girls loved that. lol

I’m really excited to edit the other pictures- there are a couple really cute ones that I can’t wait to blow up huge for their room. I was out of the house pretty much ALL day until 6pm thanks to Sierra’s foot appointment. It was crazy and tiring, but I’ll talk about that tomorrow.