Sierra Michelle’s 3rd Birthday!

My Sierra. She’s one of my favorite people in the world. She is the perfect child. She fills my day with such joy and happiness. She makes me smile constantly. She is loving and sweet and genuinely a good person. She loves her family so much. She is funny and clever and easy going.

I dressed Sierra up like a little ballerina for her 3rd birthday shoot because, well, how could I not with her walking on her toes all the time!

She felt awfully special and was being awfully cute! She would run away from me and hide and then giggle giggle giggle.

My gosh I couldn’t love this girl more!

We went out front so I could write her age on the sidewalk and take pictures. She thought it was so cool. I then drew some squiggles just for fun.

After I took a few pictures of her on the sidewalk I let her color with chalk.

And then later in the day I took a couple more pictures of her before we left on errands. I just can’t resist her adorable little face!

I’m so very thankful for this child. If I could I’d put the last three years with her on repeat and forever parent my baby Seece.

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