Canyon Lake Trip

We went to Canyon Lake tonight. It was chilly but so nice. I’m posting a TON of pictures and they’re all totally unedited. (except where I’ve drawn on a dress for Brooklyn)
There was a small storm coming in and making everything super orange!

Deciding to go swimming was kind of impromptu so we didn’t have swimsuits for everyone and we didn’t have enough towels but we did have some of Payson’s blankets and Brooklyn ended up going in her underwear.

The girls had the best time! Even though it was chilly they had such a blast playing in the water with Allan.

Payson spent the entire time in his bouncy chair and was in a great mood! He didn’t cry or whine. It was so amazing and enjoyable!

Happy boy!

Can you believe this is what it looked like? It was so pretty.

I snapped this as Allan was buckling Brooklyn in.


Leaving at sunset, perfect.

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