The girls and me

I had Allan snap a couple pictures of me and the girls while Payson napped. I need to take more pictures with them. I’m thinking another photo project is in the works- in December a picture of me with the kids every day for the month!
I took this picture to check the light first.

My goodness they look so sweet 🙂

I love that Brooklyn looked at me here 🙂

It’s hard for me to take pictures these days with my camera broken. When I look in the viewfinder everything looks blurry and now my in camera light meter isn’t working so I have to totally rely on my histogram. It just sucks! I need to take pictures, it’s my only hobby! I can’t blog without pictures!
I suppose things will be better next year- I might get a new camera next Christmas (2009). For now, taking pictures isn’t the funnest 🙁 🙁

In addition to that Allan and I have been really sick. My throat hurst like crazy and I got canker sores last week that have lasted forever. I hate canker sores. Usually I only get one every few months or so, but this time I got 3 and one is on my throat and it kills!

And now for something positive 😉
After a crappy week of feeling moody and being sick, Payson was sooo needy and fussy yesterday. He spit up a thousand times and then he woke up like 20 times last night. I was thinking, oh great here we go with a terrible weekend. Well, since about 7am Payson’s been really, really good. He played in his bouncer, he ate, he took a nap, and then he played on my bed while Allan watched football and I edited these pictures. And now- he’s ready to eat but he’s waiting patiently, rolling around and around on the floor. I LOVE when he’s good like this. It makes my life bearable!

I also LOVE when Allan’s home and helps with the kids. Sometimes he’s busy on the weekends, but today he got up and made the girls breakfast and then played with them outside. It takes a huge load of my shoulders to get even half an hour without having them hanging off me.

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