Me and the kids

I had to go to WalMart yesterday. I’m so very sick of shopping. Everyone comments on how well behaved my kids are and I just look at them like they’re crazy… or blind… or both. My kids, well behaved?! Are you listening to the same 3 children as me or am I missing something? Did I give birth to more children without knowing about it? Are these other long lost children following me around acting like angels? Because surely, surely, you are not talking about the 3 demon spawn I currently know of. Surely.

I hung out with my best friend from high school yesterday. She lives here in Arizona a short half hour drive from me! Crazy huh? From hicksville, Washington to Mesa, Arizona. Works for me! Our friendship is actually better 10 years later than it was in high school. She introduced me to her sister-in-law today. Her sister-in-law had some clothes and toys from when her sons were little that she gave me. Most of the clothes were sized 4/5 and up, so they don’t really fit Payson yet, but when he’s 4 I’ll be quite happy. lol

So on the way home I stopped by the park to take some snaps to share on here. And Payson is screaming- so I’m just going to post them without any more talking. Keep a look out for Sierra’s drunk face near the end 😛

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