Payson’s 1st costume- pumpkin. He’ll be a ghost when we trick or treat. (I love that these onesies are only $3 at WalMart!)

Brooklyn- princess. Same as last year because we are super broke right now and it fits perfectly!

Sierra- pumpkin. Same costume from when she was one year old. It drowned her then and fits perfectly now, 2 years later!

My babies πŸ™‚

I had to take some pictures outside in the nice lighting…

The girls are so very excited!

Allan called me and told me he was coming home late because of work which bummed me out because Halloween is both our favorite holiday and I REALLY wanted him to be there for trick or treating πŸ™ πŸ™
Luckily he made it home with time to go trick or treating with us!!! Whew!

Our neighborhood isn’t crazy busy- in fact I think we saw only one other group of kids trick or treating which made for a really peaceful, enjoyable trick or treat experience. Brooklyn and Sierra both did SO well this year, remembering to say trick or treat, thank you, and Happy Halloween.

Brooklyn was pretty funny about finding the houses that had people home. We have a lot of houses that were bought for investments and therefore empty and so Brooklyn would walk in front of each house and look if there was a light on outside, look if there was a light on inside the house and then look if there were cars in the driveway. If the house met all this criteria she’d happily annouce, “There’s people home here!” It was funny.

The girls were scared of this scarecrow guy so Allan had to go up and get the candy out for them. You can so tell that Sierra is not liking it. lol

Allan’s parents drove over to spend Halloween with us and the girls LOVED that. It made Halloween much better. Grandpa built some little Halloween display things with them and grandma went trick or treating with them. They also played lots of games and read books.

I think that about sums it up!

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