Eyesight, camera problems, thanks

No pictures, but wanted to say thanks to Jordan for Payson’s ghost onesie- forgot to mention that in the post below. I need to get some pictures of him outside wearing it since the one picture I did get is pretty crappy. lol

I went to the eye doctor today. That was an experience I’d rather not repeat. Not the eye doctor part, the Allan waiting for almost 2 hours with the kids part! Boy Payson didn’t let me forget he was outside the room waiting. And the girls were all lovingly on their worst behavior 😛

Turns out I need a weak prescription. I use “need” loosely since the doctor said that I see just fine, just fuzzy- I can read all the lines to 20/20 on the chart I just have to strain to do it. So I can get glasses if I want to see better, but he’s not requiring or suggesting it unless for my comfort.
Whew, that was a mouthful just for the eye doctor!
OH and the big part of the experience…..my eyes aren’t broken, my CAMERA is. Again. I stopped by best buy on the way home since the doc okayed my vision. I picked up a camera (the new Canon 50D and HELLO I’m in LOVE, when can I get it??! Um, not anytime soon since I’m poooooor!)

SOOOO back to what I was saying. I played with the 50D and I could see through it perfectly! I tried a couple other cameras like nikons and sony and all that jazz just to make sure and I can see through them totally fine!! I’m healed!
My poor camera, on the other hand, is broken 🙁 and I have no money to fix it and no money to replace it. Thankfully though I can’t see through it, it still focuses. So basically when taking pictures I aim towards the gray spot on the peach blob (aka the eye on the face) and hope it works. lol

And that’s all you ever wanted to know about my eyesight!

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