Brooklyn funny

Brooklyn and Sierra are playing with some toy snakes I got them yesterday in the Halloween clearance aisle.
Brooklyn says,
“The snake wants to eat pretzels. We need to help feed the snake. The snake speaks spanish. To tell the snake to eat say, “Meeza”. Meeza. Meeza!”
>she pretends the snake is eating the pretzel<

I’m pretty sure meeza isn’t the spanish word for eat, but it works for her. lol

Speaking of languages, I’m thinking of starting her on french next year since Allan speaks french and I speak a little french. It’d be fun for me to study it again while teaching her, and of course Allan would be a big help since he’s fluent (he lived in France for two years).

Canyon Lake Trip

We went to Canyon Lake tonight. It was chilly but so nice. I’m posting a TON of pictures and they’re all totally unedited. (except where I’ve drawn on a dress for Brooklyn)
There was a small storm coming in and making everything super orange!

Deciding to go swimming was kind of impromptu so we didn’t have swimsuits for everyone and we didn’t have enough towels but we did have some of Payson’s blankets and Brooklyn ended up going in her underwear.

The girls had the best time! Even though it was chilly they had such a blast playing in the water with Allan.

Payson spent the entire time in his bouncy chair and was in a great mood! He didn’t cry or whine. It was so amazing and enjoyable!

Happy boy!

Can you believe this is what it looked like? It was so pretty.

I snapped this as Allan was buckling Brooklyn in.


Leaving at sunset, perfect.

The girls and me

I had Allan snap a couple pictures of me and the girls while Payson napped. I need to take more pictures with them. I’m thinking another photo project is in the works- in December a picture of me with the kids every day for the month!
I took this picture to check the light first.

My goodness they look so sweet 🙂

I love that Brooklyn looked at me here 🙂

It’s hard for me to take pictures these days with my camera broken. When I look in the viewfinder everything looks blurry and now my in camera light meter isn’t working so I have to totally rely on my histogram. It just sucks! I need to take pictures, it’s my only hobby! I can’t blog without pictures!
I suppose things will be better next year- I might get a new camera next Christmas (2009). For now, taking pictures isn’t the funnest 🙁 🙁

In addition to that Allan and I have been really sick. My throat hurst like crazy and I got canker sores last week that have lasted forever. I hate canker sores. Usually I only get one every few months or so, but this time I got 3 and one is on my throat and it kills!

And now for something positive 😉
After a crappy week of feeling moody and being sick, Payson was sooo needy and fussy yesterday. He spit up a thousand times and then he woke up like 20 times last night. I was thinking, oh great here we go with a terrible weekend. Well, since about 7am Payson’s been really, really good. He played in his bouncer, he ate, he took a nap, and then he played on my bed while Allan watched football and I edited these pictures. And now- he’s ready to eat but he’s waiting patiently, rolling around and around on the floor. I LOVE when he’s good like this. It makes my life bearable!

I also LOVE when Allan’s home and helps with the kids. Sometimes he’s busy on the weekends, but today he got up and made the girls breakfast and then played with them outside. It takes a huge load of my shoulders to get even half an hour without having them hanging off me.

one word meme

I haven’t done one of these in ages, and this one looks easy and interesting.

Where is your mobile phone? backpack
Where is your significant other? near
Your hair colour? brown
Your mother? Washington
Your father? Washington
Your favourite thing? peace
Your dream last night? forgot
Your dream goal? happiness
The room you’re in? bedroom
Your hobby? photography
Your fear? illness
Where do you want to be in 6 years? successful
Where were you last night? sleeping
What you’re not? consistent
One of your wish-list items? 50D
Where you grew up? Everywhere
The last thing you did? Talk
What are you wearing? Pjs
Your TV? Survivorman
Your pets? Never
Your computer? Love
Your mood? yucky
Missing someone? Parents
Your car? SUV
Something you’re not wearing? Makeup
Favourite shop? bookstore
Your summer? hot
Love someone? Yes
Your favourite colour? pink
When is the last time you laughed? forgot
When is the last time you cried? forgot

Payson’s Nicknames

Since I’m just posting pictures of Payson I thought I’d tell you some of his nicknames. We come up with the weirdest nicknames for our kids. It’s actually embarrassing if I use them in public. lol

Payson’s are:
-Baby Pea-song
-Paysonian (pronounced pay-sone-ee-an)
-Mr. PaceFace (used in a sentence only- like “hello, Mr. PaceFace, you have the paysiest face in the world!”)
-Beebee peason (we do a lot of payson with an e sound instead of the a sound because Sierra pronouces it that way)
-pacey wacey (when I’m being ultra cheesy)
-sweet baby Payson (I call him this 80% of the time)

Me and the kids

I had to go to WalMart yesterday. I’m so very sick of shopping. Everyone comments on how well behaved my kids are and I just look at them like they’re crazy… or blind… or both. My kids, well behaved?! Are you listening to the same 3 children as me or am I missing something? Did I give birth to more children without knowing about it? Are these other long lost children following me around acting like angels? Because surely, surely, you are not talking about the 3 demon spawn I currently know of. Surely.

I hung out with my best friend from high school yesterday. She lives here in Arizona a short half hour drive from me! Crazy huh? From hicksville, Washington to Mesa, Arizona. Works for me! Our friendship is actually better 10 years later than it was in high school. She introduced me to her sister-in-law today. Her sister-in-law had some clothes and toys from when her sons were little that she gave me. Most of the clothes were sized 4/5 and up, so they don’t really fit Payson yet, but when he’s 4 I’ll be quite happy. lol

So on the way home I stopped by the park to take some snaps to share on here. And Payson is screaming- so I’m just going to post them without any more talking. Keep a look out for Sierra’s drunk face near the end 😛

Twirling and Jumping in PJs

Brooklyn and Sierra have been awesome today. Sierra is almost always awesome, Brooklyn is almost always…. energetic shall we say? Payson cried and fussed the entire morning until about 1pm when I finally got him to go to sleep. He napped on and off for 3 hours in my arms and now he’s in a good mood. Except Brooklyn just growled at him and now he’s screaming hysterically. That’s just great. I’ll add the pictures to this post later.

Ok, about those pictures!
The girls colored a bit this morning.

And then the craziness began!

They were skipping around…

And then jumping as high as they could…

Jumping in the air is the best thing ever!

And then it was time to twirl and spin…

Such a great time!


Payson is actually really good at sitting. As long as he has a pillow or boppy or blanket behind him I feel safe leaving him sitting there. He does fling backwards from time to time, but mostly he just sits and sits like a little gorilla. I love it- he loves it- everyone’s happy 🙂