First Day of School!

With the house unpacked (though not necessarily clean right now- at least to my standards. lol) we decided to start school! I’d been “prepping” the girls for it all week. They kept counting down the boxes left to unpack. lol

Sierra was running around saying, “me in peeschool (preschool), me in peeschool! And Bookin in school and I be 5 and I be in Bookin school when I be 5…when I be 5 I be in school! yippee! I in school, I a toddler, I in peeschool!” It was hilarious.

Brooklyn was really excited to talk about school and talk about how she’s a kindergartner and all the things she’s going to learn.

We got a science kit and I told her right away that we were going to plant seeds this year in school and it would really grow into a plant. That was the wrong thing to tell her because she was adamant about planting seeds FIRST THING. So instead of doing it the way I should I just let them dig in the dirt and put seeds in the ground outside. lol
We’ll do it the “real” way in a couple weeks when we’ve learned all about plants and seeds 🙂

Payson hung out in the stroller the entire time the girls were planting their seeds.

And this is just too funny not to post.

We went in the house afterwards and read and read and read some more. It was perfect. Today will be more craft and handwriting and math oriented. I LOVE it.

Allan’s went to New Mexico yesterday and will be getting home tomorrow. I HATE when he’s gone! If he traveled regularly I would pitch a MAJOR fit. It’s a mess around here when he’s gone, even though he gets home after the kids are in bed I NEED that adult conversation in the evenings. Even though sometimes we don’t really even talk- sometimes we watch Survivor Man together or planet earth (we’re discovery channel nerds) but still, it’s nice to have time together.

I went to bed at 1am (thank you Payson) and woke up at 6am! I also woke up at 4am to feed Payson and he and I were up for 45 minutes while I fed, burped, and changed him and then changed both of us because he spit up all over us. I’m not feeling very bright and chipper this morning. lol
But actually, though I’m sluggish, I am really in a good mood. I’m letting the girls have a half hour TV break and I managed to do this entire blog post, so- go me! Now if I could find a little more time to comment on blogs I’d be a happy camper. Oh and if my husband wasn’t in another state- that would be awesome.


Crystal tagged me so I better get this thing done!

The rules:
1-Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2-Share 7 random facts about yourself and blog about it.
3-Tag 7 people at the end of your post.

7 random facts? Is there anything you guys don’t know?
1. I used to ride horses quite often in high school, probably 2 or 3 times a week on all kinds of long rides (my friend owned horses).

2. I have an ex stepdad that ruined my life for 7 years. It’s taken me a lot of work to undo the emotional damage my childhood caused me.

3. I’ve always loved drawing, but when I was 12 I decided being an artist was my identity. I was OBSESSED with art (including photography) all through school, all the way up until I had Brooklyn when I dropped it because I didn’t have time. I used to paint, draw, sculpt… you name it- I arted it.

4. I got in trouble from a cop for peeing in a parking lot at night when I was 18. There was no bathroom for miles and I HAD TO GO and couldn’t make it anywhere better.

5. When I was a teen I thought I’d get married around 25 and have kids sometime after that. Well, here I am 25 and already have 3 kids and have been married for 6 years!

6. I peed my pants at a Red Robin when I was 17. My best friend was drinking her water and spilled all over herself. I started laughing at her so hard I peed! She got mad that I was laughing at her so to get even she dumped my water in my lap… at the exact moment I peed my pants!! Noone knew I peed my pants- they thought it was just the water she dumped on me! I hadn’t and haven’t peed my pants in public (or private!) besides that day. (Uh yeah, I have a weak bladder!)

7. I’m republican and I get more conservative as I get older. I’ve always been pretty darn conservative, though.

Whew! 7 never before shared facts (I think!). Now who to tag— geez, everyone I know is BUSY these days so I tag anyone reading who wants to do the tag. I’d love to hear your 7 random facts, so leave me a comment if you do it!

4 Months Old!!

Alright, so we’ve all heard about how Payson can drive me crazy (post below). Well, though he drives me nuts, I absolutely ADORE this child. Allan and I talk about how he’s either making us miserable and frustrated or melting our hearts into goo he’s so cute and sweet. He really is the sweetest little boy in the world when he’s comfortable.

Realizing he’s 4 months old today, I took a few pictures of him in just a diaper to show his huge body. Not only is he a chubber, but he is thick- it’s not all fat, it’s just his thick frame. His thighs are all fat, though!

I’m SO excited he’s 4 months old. I don’t have even 1% of me sorry to see the infant phase gone, sorry to see his milestones reached and passed. I LOVE it all. I love that he’s growing up and I’ve loved each milestone and feel like with this third time around I can really and truly absorb each phase since I know them so well now.

We have all kinds of nicknames and silly songs about Payson’s fat little self. Fatboy is a favorite. And if you’ve ever seen Tommy Boy you know the part where Chris Farley sings, “fat man in a tiny coat”…well, I always sing some variation of that to Payson. When he outgrows clothes and diapers it’s especially fitting, but most of the time I sing, “fat boy with a tiny head”. Payson thinks it’s hilarious.

Every time Payson sleeps he HAS to have a binky in his mouth. If he wakes up even slightly and it’s not there he cries. The worst part about this is while he’s falling asleep he PULLS his binky out of his mouth because he likes to have his hand up by his face while he sleeps.
Observe: (keep an eye on his right hand!)

I put a tiny dab of gel in his hair and went outside to take some pictures for a change of scenery. It was noon. It was sunny. Duh moment for Ariana!! I’ll try again early tomorrow morning or tomorrow evening!

Too bright!

I sat him in the back of the 4runner to attempt to get a good shot but it was still to bright for him to open his eyes and look up so he just closed his eyes and laughed at me like this:

I bought him a bunch of size 12m clothes today. Mostly pajamas since he doesn’t have any and he likes to be really warm and cozy at night. I love that he can wear Handy Manny and Spongebob and all those boy shows. It’s SO fun!

He grabs everything now!! EVERYTHING! He’s sooo not a good aim, but he tries very, very hard.

So a few facts about Payson at 4 months old:
-Sleeps from around 7pm to 11pm without waking most nights. Then he wakes up again around 2am, 4/5 am, and then is up for the day.

-Absolutely loves falling asleep with mommy, but is actually in his own crib now and doing pretty good! Besides waking up often and having to be rocked to sleep.

-Hates his bottle. Hates every bottle ever created (I know, I’ve tried). LOVES baby food. LOVES oatmeal with apples the best.

-Rolls over constantly.

-Still not that talkative, but he does coo when very happy.

-Blows rasberries. I LOVE that he does this. He does it when he’s really excited and it’s so darn cute.

-Loves music!! Brooklyn and Sierra weren’t nearly as into being sung to as Payson is. It’s my magic cure all. He will calm down a lot of the time just by being sung to. It’s really sweet. He also will stare up into my eyes the entire time. In fact that leads to the next fact…

-Loves to make eye contact. He will look at your face and just watch you and watch you. He LOVES to stare up at me while laying next to me in bed falling asleep. He loves to look in my eyes while I feed him (when he’s taking a bottle).

-Touches my face, chest, arms- kinda kneeds me like a kitten would, loves cuddles.

-Recognizes when I’m making a bottle and when I’m getting baby food. Will grab at the bottle and bring it to his mouth. Very cute.

-Sleeps much more soundly with a lovey. Either a rolled up blanket or a stuffed animal. He holds it in his arms- cutest thing ever.

There’s probably a lot more- he’s actually got a personality now besides the normal baby stuff and it’s been really fun watching him change so much.
I just LOVE this little boy SO much.

Payson is Driving me CRAZY!

Seriously I’m losing my mind with this kid! For 4 months I’ve had to take care of him and it’s abnormally difficult. He refuses to drink a bottle now and thrashes and screams and kicks and pumps his fist and sticks his tongue out as far as he can so I can’t put the bottle in his mouth.

The rest of this is VERY long and VERY “ventish” so I wouldn’t bother reading, but I’m NOT going to delete it because I want to be able to look back and see what I had to go through.

I’m so sick of the doctors I saw that refused to even THINK about reflux and demanded that we wait until he’s 3 months old to start looking into things. I’m SO pissed at them. I’m SO mad at my phone that can’t keep a signal out here. I’m going to WalMart today to buy a home phone and phone card and I’m tempted to throw my cell out the window and drive over it! Aaaargh!!

I’m sick of holding a squirming fussing baby all day. I’m sick of him not being normal. Brooklyn was a hard enough baby- NORMAL hard- high maintenance hard, but at least she’d calm down if I held her or nursed her.

Payson just sits and squirms and SQUIRMS constantly. Mostly he arches his back and cries. Seriously, guys, he has every symptom on the silent reflux website and I’ve TOLD doctors that, but they were DEAD set on not doing anything until he’s the magical 3 months old because it might be colic. Well, colic is just a word that doctor’s throw out to be lazy. Stupid doctors.

The next doctor I get will be grilled with questions before I settle down with one!! Like- um, hey are you gonna let my baby cry hysterically for 2 months and then cry and fuss constantly for another month just because you have that happy little label called COLIC floating around?

Yesterday afternoon he was doing ok for a while and I thought maybe I was getting lucky and he was going to be good for a few days, but NOPE, he’s been TERRIBLE this morning. He just cries and fusses and squirms. Then I’m so mad at him I just stick him in his bouncy chair since holding him obviously doesn’t calm him down and I’m staring at him wondering what in the heck is wrong with him and then he gives me a huge grin. Then two seconds later he arches his back and starts whining. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!

I tried calling on both my phones to the doctor and 4 times, FOUR, my signal gets cut out in the middle of the conversation! Ugh!
So- I have to waste $5 in gas and drive into town just so I can make a phone call.

Really I just feel like going into a coma I’m so tired of all this. My life has been SO hard. I feel like I complain constantly, but man- I’m so sick of holding a baby every second of the day. And really, holding a baby isn’t that bad for me- my back hurts but not that big of a deal, but holding a CRANKY baby is frustrating. Never knowing what’s wrong with him is frustrating.

We finally got our insurance information a few days ago for Arizona, which is why just now I’m getting to schedule a dr. appointment. I’m just SO worried the doctor is going to shrug it off since he’s “gaining weight”. That’s all they care about- that he’s fat. Well, he’s fat because of hours and hours of effort on my part. Sometimes he hasn’t eaten for 6 hours and I KNOW he’s hungry because he’s chewing on everything in sight and crying. I have to sing and rock him and hold the bottle PERFECTLY just to get him to drink and then he only drinks 2 or 3 ounces! Aaah!

He does drink really well at night which is why he’s so fat. He wakes up every 2-3 hours STILL and drinks 6 ounces each time. I’ve been giving him baby food the last couple days just so that he shuts up from hunger. He likes apples and oatmeal, but then he freaks out when he poops because those cause more action in your intestines and he’s extremely sensitive about the slightest bubble in his stomach.

I’m so sick of babies! I feel like going down tomorrow and getting anything and everything that’s even remotely associated with reproduction removed from my body. Stupid uterus.

Well, I REALLY have to go because Payson is crying. Imagine that.


It’s amusing to me how my definition of exhaustion can change not only year to year but day to day. A year ago I thought I was exhausted. 6 months ago I thought I was more exhausted. 3 months ago I thought I was so exhausted I would just stop living at any moment because my body would give out.

Now. Now I am so exhausted I honestly have no idea how this body keeps breathing and walking and “doing” everything it does with no sleep. I.AM.SO.EXHAUSTED.

1 a: to consume entirely : use up
b: to tire extremely or completely
c: to deprive of a valuable quality or constituent
2 a: to draw off or let out completely
b: to empty by drawing off the contents
3 a: to consider or discuss (a subject) thoroughly or completely
b: to try out the whole number of

I am exhausted.

Me and my 3 reasons for exhaustion.

Sonlight – Box Day!

It was a LOT of fun picking out $500 worth of books! (I won Sonlight’s Annual Cover Photo Contest this year.)
The box came a couple days ago (the day before our stuff arrived from Texas). The girls had the BEST time opening the box and pulling out all their new books.

I bought quite a few books for Sierra since I’ve focused so much on Brooklyn. So Sierra was really happy to have books especially for her. She LOVES Dr. Suess (Brooklyn doesn’t), so I got her three Dr. Suess books and we sat and read them right away and she was so happy.

$500 worth of books and science experiment stuff. There is a LOT there. I am SO excited to start the girls’ school. I just need to get this house clean and unpacked!!

Family Picture + Allan’s Birthday + Lots of Random

Sierra loves Payson’s toys as much as he does.

Allan’s mom watched Brooklyn while Allan and I went to Old Navy to get him some casual clothes for work.

The owner of the house’s daughter came and got her table so we ate on the floor for a few days.

I can’t remember what week I’m on anymore, so from now on it’s just plain old family picture.

Our stuff came and the girls got ALL their toys dumped out to play with while Allan’s mom and I unpacked.

I didn’t realize how much I could love an inanimate object. The swing has been a life saver this week.

My moby wrap is puked all over (thanks Payson) so I’ve succombed to wearing the snuggli for now. The snuggli KILLS my back. I also tried a hotsling in Texas but returned it immediately because it was horrible on my back and Payson HATED it.

Allan turned 30 in September. We did a whole lotta nothing for his birthday 🙁

And Payson on my bed.

Boxes Are Here!

Sorry if I don’t blog much this week- I’m pretty darn busy unpacking. Our stuff FINALLY arrived yesterday. Allan’s mom came over and we spent the ENTIRE day unpacking! She helped me ALL day.

I will share one little funny thing really quick (no pics, sorry).

Last night I made dinner and part of it was corn. Sierra stuck a kernel up her nose! We were eating when she just suddenly says, “There’s corn in mine nose.”
Sierra has big nostrils and she’d kept pushing her finger up, so it was pretty far up there.
Allan’s mom was here so she helped get a light and the bulb syringe while Allan moved Sierra to the couch to try to get the corn out.
Long story short it was quite the ordeal to get that corn out since Sierra would not blow her nose AT ALL.
When we finally pulled it out we all cheered with relief and Sierra sees the corn and says:
“OH! Yum!” and reached for it to eat it! Of course we didn’t let her!

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

Payson’s been rolling over from his tummy to side and back to side for a looong time now, but a week or two ago he rolled over from his back to side to tummy for the first time- a complete roll.

NOW he rolls all over the place. He can roll several times in a row and get around more. Good thing he’s not good at reaching for things while on his stomach or I’m sure everything on the floor would be tasted by him by now! He eats everything he can get his hands on. Drives me crazy!

It’s so extreme with the rolling that the second I even bend over to put him on the ground his legs pop up to his chest in preparation. The SECOND I put him on the ground he flips over. It’s REALLY cute EXCEPT when I’m trying to change his diaper and he’s desperately trying to roll over the whole time. He definitely prefers his stomach to his back. He HATES laying on his back.

I had just changed him.

I love those side rolls.