Blind, sick, tired

Oh boy are we sick over here! I could go on and on about how very sick we are, but that’s boring.

Also, I’m going blind. Ok not really, but my eyesight is doing weird things. Since I was pregnant with Payson my vision has gotten a little tiny bit blurry, but today I went to take pictures of Payson and I couldn’t see out the lens. I stopped and checked to see if it was on manual focus- it wasn’t. I looked again and still everything was blurry! So I stopped and went around the house peering at various objects at different lengths away from me and sure enough, I can’t see anything unless it’s a good 8 inches from my face or farther!! This basically happened overnight! What the heck?
So I gotta get me to the eye doctor.

Payson wants to sit alone so bad! Hopefully he is able to soon because I would love him to sit by himself and play with toys!

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