WalMart + Kids with Mountain in Background

First have I mentioned how much I love this bouncy chair? It reclines to this perfect angle for Payson. I put him in it after he’s eaten and he spits up less. He can grab all the toys now so it’s constantly playing the same little tune over and over.

I took Payson to the doctor yesterday. The doctor immediately told me they don’t treat reflux unless the baby is losing weight or not gaining weight. The same thing my other doctor told me. So I said to him, basically you don’t care if my baby is crying all day- as long as he’s getting fatter you’re fine with that? He said yes, that’s just his policy. (Yeah, I’m going to find a new doctor!)
What he did say was that Payson has a really bad cold- not the typical sneeze/cough cold, but the more body ache type one. Also he examined Payson’s throat and while he did he said, do you know he’s teething?
I was like- teething! Are you serious?! I asked him 2 more times if he was sure Payson was teething because both my girls were late teethers. Actually the girls were late with pretty much everything except talking- totally opposite Payson.
Oh and he weighs 18 lbs 8 oz and is 27 inches long.

So, I went to WalMart and got Orajel and baby tylenol.
Payson was at his nap time and fell asleep in my arms, so I laid him in the cart like this:

He slept pretty peacefully for 20 minutes or so. The pink blanket was Brooklyn’s when she was a baby. I use all the girls’ old baby blankets in the car as sun blockers since they tend to get dirty so fast, I don’t want Payson’s nice blankets getting dirty.

Do your kids do this? Stop in EVERY.SINGLE.AISLE to play. Sitting on the floor, even?

3 people were standing by me watching while I took these next two. Everyone loves to stop and coo over your baby. Payson LOVES the attention. He loves pretty much everyone he meets. He just sits and stares and stares at them and after a few seconds he typically gives them this tiny little smile.

We stopped in the desert for some pictures since it was so pretty out.

The sun was making everything so yellow-orange! It was really this color out!

I know I’m posting a ton of pictures but it was so pretty and the girls were being SO cute and having so much fun.

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