Elevation 7,800 Feet ~ Pinal Mountains!

We went to the Pinal Mountains yesterday. We drove up to the highest peak, Pinal Peak, which is 7,848 feet! Then we drove back down the mountain a little ways to a campground and spent the afternoon having fun.

It was the best.time.ever! I can’t wait to go back! The amazing outdoor stuff here in Arizona is one of the biggest reasons we moved back. Really there were three reasons: Allan’s parents, the outdoor stuff, and Allan’s job.
We lived here from 2004 to 2006 and we didn’t take advantage of living close to Allan’s parents OR the outdoor stuff nearly as much as we should have, but we’re going to make up for it now 🙂

I have a TON of pictures from yesterday, I mean, a TON! All the orangey, yellow tones in the pictures are true to life- it was gorgeous fall scenery everywhere. Heaven!

It was so pretty up there that I had to take some portraits of each kid.

I have so many pictures of them that I am in love with!

Payson was hanging out in his bumbo a lot. Love that bumbo!

You can see the kids’ clothes and hair stuff on the table along with our snacks and the football. Yep, we brought the essentials. lol

Didn’t want to miss getting some shots of Payson on that stump.

He was happy in the wrap.

And I managed to get a couple family pictures.

Gosh what a view!

This is my new favorite picture of Allan 🙂

And then there was a lot of time spent playing in the trees.

Can’t leave Payson out!

Which made him happy!

The girls went exploring together.

And Payson fell asleep on Allan.

The girls used their lunchbags to collect leaves and rocks and twigs.

Payson was still out cold when we put him in his carseat to go home.

On the drive down there was this mama cow with her baby in the road. The girls were excited about that. lol

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