Evening Walk to Our Lot

We went for a walk tonight and we headed to our lot. We were surprised to see they’d started construction! Really the only thing done so far is the ground is dug out and the piping put in, but still that wasn’t expected so we’re excited.

I have a feeling they’re going to finish it super fast since they seem to be in a hurry to finish this neighborhood. We’re nervous it might be done in January! We’re trying to hold it off until March to save more money for a down payment.

Allan just loves the building process. He was video taping.

Video taping me taking pictures of him. lol

I made Payson laugh for these pictures, but he was TERRIBLE on the walk. He cried the whole time. I left my diaper bag in the house so I didn’t have a binky or toys and he was NOT happy. It was also time for bed for him, so that didn’t help.

You can see his eyes are red from crying just before I snapped this.

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