Painting Formula Cans like Pumpkins

We made pumpkins today out of Payson’s old formula cans. The girls painted them orange and the lid green and then glued on black construction paper faces.

I decided to make a couple days worth of sandwiches all at once to save time during lunch. So I have 3 days worth of sandwiches in my fridge 🙂 just add veggies and you have a lunch. yay

Lunch was: PB & Jelly Sandwiches, peas, applesauce, salad, cheese and pretzels.

There was baby spinach in the salad so for a bribe I told the girls if they ate all their salad they could have dessert. Dessert was raisins, chocolate chips, cranberries and a mini reeses cup. Oh and cran-rasberry juice! Yum.

I cleaned so much today. Payson woke me up at 6 so after giving him some applesauce I cleaned the kitchen, the playroom, my room and did the laundry. I’ve been folding the laundry in the school/storage room and it’s SO much better than dumping it all on my bed.

Today Payson took the longest nap he’s ever taken since he was born. I think it was 2 full hours! He was really happy and very hungry when he woke up 🙂

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