First Day of School!

With the house unpacked (though not necessarily clean right now- at least to my standards. lol) we decided to start school! I’d been “prepping” the girls for it all week. They kept counting down the boxes left to unpack. lol

Sierra was running around saying, “me in peeschool (preschool), me in peeschool! And Bookin in school and I be 5 and I be in Bookin school when I be 5…when I be 5 I be in school! yippee! I in school, I a toddler, I in peeschool!” It was hilarious.

Brooklyn was really excited to talk about school and talk about how she’s a kindergartner and all the things she’s going to learn.

We got a science kit and I told her right away that we were going to plant seeds this year in school and it would really grow into a plant. That was the wrong thing to tell her because she was adamant about planting seeds FIRST THING. So instead of doing it the way I should I just let them dig in the dirt and put seeds in the ground outside. lol
We’ll do it the “real” way in a couple weeks when we’ve learned all about plants and seeds 🙂

Payson hung out in the stroller the entire time the girls were planting their seeds.

And this is just too funny not to post.

We went in the house afterwards and read and read and read some more. It was perfect. Today will be more craft and handwriting and math oriented. I LOVE it.

Allan’s went to New Mexico yesterday and will be getting home tomorrow. I HATE when he’s gone! If he traveled regularly I would pitch a MAJOR fit. It’s a mess around here when he’s gone, even though he gets home after the kids are in bed I NEED that adult conversation in the evenings. Even though sometimes we don’t really even talk- sometimes we watch Survivor Man together or planet earth (we’re discovery channel nerds) but still, it’s nice to have time together.

I went to bed at 1am (thank you Payson) and woke up at 6am! I also woke up at 4am to feed Payson and he and I were up for 45 minutes while I fed, burped, and changed him and then changed both of us because he spit up all over us. I’m not feeling very bright and chipper this morning. lol
But actually, though I’m sluggish, I am really in a good mood. I’m letting the girls have a half hour TV break and I managed to do this entire blog post, so- go me! Now if I could find a little more time to comment on blogs I’d be a happy camper. Oh and if my husband wasn’t in another state- that would be awesome.

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