It’s amusing to me how my definition of exhaustion can change not only year to year but day to day. A year ago I thought I was exhausted. 6 months ago I thought I was more exhausted. 3 months ago I thought I was so exhausted I would just stop living at any moment because my body would give out.

Now. Now I am so exhausted I honestly have no idea how this body keeps breathing and walking and “doing” everything it does with no sleep. I.AM.SO.EXHAUSTED.

1 a: to consume entirely : use up
b: to tire extremely or completely
c: to deprive of a valuable quality or constituent
2 a: to draw off or let out completely
b: to empty by drawing off the contents
3 a: to consider or discuss (a subject) thoroughly or completely
b: to try out the whole number of

I am exhausted.

Me and my 3 reasons for exhaustion.

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