Family Picture + Allan’s Birthday + Lots of Random

Sierra loves Payson’s toys as much as he does.

Allan’s mom watched Brooklyn while Allan and I went to Old Navy to get him some casual clothes for work.

The owner of the house’s daughter came and got her table so we ate on the floor for a few days.

I can’t remember what week I’m on anymore, so from now on it’s just plain old family picture.

Our stuff came and the girls got ALL their toys dumped out to play with while Allan’s mom and I unpacked.

I didn’t realize how much I could love an inanimate object. The swing has been a life saver this week.

My moby wrap is puked all over (thanks Payson) so I’ve succombed to wearing the snuggli for now. The snuggli KILLS my back. I also tried a hotsling in Texas but returned it immediately because it was horrible on my back and Payson HATED it.

Allan turned 30 in September. We did a whole lotta nothing for his birthday 🙁

And Payson on my bed.

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