Boxes Are Here!

Sorry if I don’t blog much this week- I’m pretty darn busy unpacking. Our stuff FINALLY arrived yesterday. Allan’s mom came over and we spent the ENTIRE day unpacking! She helped me ALL day.

I will share one little funny thing really quick (no pics, sorry).

Last night I made dinner and part of it was corn. Sierra stuck a kernel up her nose! We were eating when she just suddenly says, “There’s corn in mine nose.”
Sierra has big nostrils and she’d kept pushing her finger up, so it was pretty far up there.
Allan’s mom was here so she helped get a light and the bulb syringe while Allan moved Sierra to the couch to try to get the corn out.
Long story short it was quite the ordeal to get that corn out since Sierra would not blow her nose AT ALL.
When we finally pulled it out we all cheered with relief and Sierra sees the corn and says:
“OH! Yum!” and reached for it to eat it! Of course we didn’t let her!

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