Payson and Mommy in the Mirror

Payson loves seeing his reflection. Allan discovered this a month or two ago. Anytime you sit him in front of a mirror and ask him, “Payson, who’s that?” he gets this huge grin.

Everytime I put a bib on Payson he immediately grabs it to eat it. With the bib in front of his mouth I can’t get the bottle to his lips and so he screams hysterically.
Like a little girl’s scream.
Then he’s so upset he refuses to take the bottle until I start to sing a song. The song that works the best is a church song- I don’t know the name but the lyrics go something like, “I see my mother kneeling, with the family each day, I hear the words she whispers, as she bows her head to pray….”. This is the only song that calms him down most of the time. I sing it OFTEN. Probably ten or twenty times a day.

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