Morning + Q&A

After breakfast we always head straight into my bedroom. I found it amusing that so many commented on the light in my house because this house is SO DARK. The darkest place I’ve ever lived, actually! The ONLY room with good light is my bedroom which REALLY stinks because the kids typically aren’t allowed in our room since we don’t babyproof in here.
We’ve made exceptions since moving in since the TV is in here and I NEED the TV! We didn’t have TV the last two years and the girls are LOVING it. Heck, Allan and I are loving it.
We know it’s only until Friday that TV will be such a huge part of our lives, so we’re not worried about how much we watch.

Oh and the reason we watch so much is because we have nothing else to do. We do go on walks and to the playground and read the books I brought from Texas, but there are still other hours in the day when sitting on the floor or camping chairs in the living room staring at each other just doesn’t seem like fun, that’s when we gravitate towards my bright bedroom with the wonderfully distracting satellite TV 😉

Friday- by the way- is when our stuff from Texas is FINALLY getting here! YAY!! So many people on both my blogs have asked about the moving process, so I suppose I should answer that. lol

Allan’s company paid for all relocation costs. They provided a moving company to pack us and move us. We just sit here waiting for the stuff to arrive. I’ve moved more than 25 times in my life so having movers come and do everything is REALLY nice. Especially since Payson, while happy, is a VERY high maintenance baby. The most high maintenance baby I’ve had and that’s saying a LOT because Brooklyn was extremely demanding. He’s only a happy baby because I’m CONSTANTLY holding him. My back is seriously messed up. I really need to get to a chiropractor after carrying him for 9 months, birthing him and then carrying him for another 3 months! And as you’ve noticed- he’s FAT and heavy- like holding a sack of bricks all day!

So if my comments or posts ever seem scattered it’s because I’m holding him and typing (holding him right now, actually). And it’s hard to hold him because he wants me to hold him upright against my shoulder but then he kicks and flings himself backwards over and over and over the entire time. Aaaaargh! And then if I attempt a different position he cries. He will sometimes let me hold him sitting face forward in my lap but he always wants to chew my hand and I get COVERED in spit. I’m not complaining, just explaining my psychotic posting and lack of coherency.

And now for some Q/A

It’s funny that you laid down his hair in the last few. I don’t think I’ve paid attention if you’ve done that before. He almost looks like a different person. Did you have to use cement to get his faux-hawk to stay down?
I never mess with Payson’s hair anymore. I play with it sometimes while he drinks his bottle, but 99.9% of the time I just let it go where it wants to 🙂
It’s laying flat in those last few pictures because I was playing peek-a-boo with him and was letting the blanket fall down on his head.

Are you guys enjoying your new place?:)
Honestly I miss my house SO MUCH. I cried when we drove away 🙁 I loved that house.
I don’t, however, even slightly miss Texas. I miss my family there SO BAD, though.
But, I LOVE Arizona! I can’t believe how much I love it, actually!! I really dislike this rental, though, for reasons I’ll post about some other time.

(btw, is your rental near your in-the-works house??)
Yes! Our new house will be built in this same neighborhood. So if I wanted I could walk over to our site everyday and see the progress.

So do you have to make the drive back with all your kids to pack and move the rest of your things or is your husband doing it himself?
I already mostly answered this is my rambling above, but I did want to say that Allan flew back to Texas to watch while the movers packed our stuff and then he cleaned the place. Some interesting things happened while he was in Texas. I need to make a post about that, too!

Do you guys have family in AZ other than your mother-in-law?
Just my mother-in-law and father-in-law live here. It’s been so awesome hanging out with them! The kids are all LOVING it. Well, we all are loving it!

Makes Texas look really crappy doesn’t it?!?!?!
Well, we all know what I think of Texas 😉
But honestly, there are so many great spots for pictures in Texas. If there weren’t so many bugs I’d have been a lot happier there.

The kids are so beautiful, you have the sweetest little family! Are you so sick of hearing that?
Nope 🙂

Are you finding it hard to get into a routine after all your craziness, or is life pretty much back to normal for you?
I have absolutely no routine right now. I’m in a constant state of confusion. I’ve been getting so little sleep thanks to the move and Payson STILL waking up 2 or 3 times a night and then refusing to sleep soundly after 4am.
We have had only a car full of belongings for the past how many weeks? We are 15 minutes from the nearest town, so we’re stuck inside most of the time. We do go to the park, but it’s not covered so unless it’s early in the morning the equipment’s too hot to play on.
Basically I’m just holding on until Friday when all my stuff gets here and hoping that life becomes more normal.

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