Blind, sick, tired

Oh boy are we sick over here! I could go on and on about how very sick we are, but that’s boring.

Also, I’m going blind. Ok not really, but my eyesight is doing weird things. Since I was pregnant with Payson my vision has gotten a little tiny bit blurry, but today I went to take pictures of Payson and I couldn’t see out the lens. I stopped and checked to see if it was on manual focus- it wasn’t. I looked again and still everything was blurry! So I stopped and went around the house peering at various objects at different lengths away from me and sure enough, I can’t see anything unless it’s a good 8 inches from my face or farther!! This basically happened overnight! What the heck?
So I gotta get me to the eye doctor.

Payson wants to sit alone so bad! Hopefully he is able to soon because I would love him to sit by himself and play with toys!

WalMart + Kids with Mountain in Background

First have I mentioned how much I love this bouncy chair? It reclines to this perfect angle for Payson. I put him in it after he’s eaten and he spits up less. He can grab all the toys now so it’s constantly playing the same little tune over and over.

I took Payson to the doctor yesterday. The doctor immediately told me they don’t treat reflux unless the baby is losing weight or not gaining weight. The same thing my other doctor told me. So I said to him, basically you don’t care if my baby is crying all day- as long as he’s getting fatter you’re fine with that? He said yes, that’s just his policy. (Yeah, I’m going to find a new doctor!)
What he did say was that Payson has a really bad cold- not the typical sneeze/cough cold, but the more body ache type one. Also he examined Payson’s throat and while he did he said, do you know he’s teething?
I was like- teething! Are you serious?! I asked him 2 more times if he was sure Payson was teething because both my girls were late teethers. Actually the girls were late with pretty much everything except talking- totally opposite Payson.
Oh and he weighs 18 lbs 8 oz and is 27 inches long.

So, I went to WalMart and got Orajel and baby tylenol.
Payson was at his nap time and fell asleep in my arms, so I laid him in the cart like this:

He slept pretty peacefully for 20 minutes or so. The pink blanket was Brooklyn’s when she was a baby. I use all the girls’ old baby blankets in the car as sun blockers since they tend to get dirty so fast, I don’t want Payson’s nice blankets getting dirty.

Do your kids do this? Stop in EVERY.SINGLE.AISLE to play. Sitting on the floor, even?

3 people were standing by me watching while I took these next two. Everyone loves to stop and coo over your baby. Payson LOVES the attention. He loves pretty much everyone he meets. He just sits and stares and stares at them and after a few seconds he typically gives them this tiny little smile.

We stopped in the desert for some pictures since it was so pretty out.

The sun was making everything so yellow-orange! It was really this color out!

I know I’m posting a ton of pictures but it was so pretty and the girls were being SO cute and having so much fun.

Payson’s in a “bad” phase. 3 days so far. He seems to be grabbing his ear at times, I don’t know if that’s just a knew comfort thing or an sign of an ear infection so I’m taking him to the doctor today. I am tired. Last night, luckily, he only woke up 4 times.

If I go to the doctor today I promise to take pictures and post them today. There- I can’t break promises, so now I’m forced to blog!

Ariana and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

On my period
Payson woke up about 20 times last night (unfortunately that’s not an exaggeration)
Messy house
Husband wanting to go to the lake
Feeling ugly
Feeling fat, though I’m eating super healthy- and not skipping meals anymore either.
Feeling like Payson will never be normal
Wishing I could go ONE day without hearing crying, screaming, whining and complaining. ONE day.

Payson can’t be babysat right now, either. I’m totally stuck with him 100% of the time because he absolutely refuses to let anyone else feed him. He’s not nursed, but he still only accepts a bottle from me. ANNOYING. He won’t even take baby food from anyone else. He’s such a weird baby!

Allan can’t even let me sleep in because Payson will just cry and cry because he wants to be fed or held a certain way or because Allan can’t read his cues like I can. Everything with Payson is so PARTICULAR. You have to hold your arm just the right way behind his head while he eats. You have to hold the bottle at the right angle and push it in his mouth the right way. You have to hold him a certain way when he burps, you have to know which cry and scream mean what and which thing will calm him down.

I’m the only one that knows these things and I HATE it. I try to tell Allan, but you can’t TELL someone how to hear certain cries or how to determine what he wants when what that would take is HOURS and DAYS and WEEKS and MONTHS of being with him to understand.

We were supposed to go to the lake today, but I’m so exhausted that I don’t even want to. It takes so much work with 3 kids to make trips fun, that the work part is outweighing the fun part for ME today so I don’t want to go. I wish I could go. I wish I could go and swim and goof around without having to hold a baby. Actually I just wish I could do ANYTHING without having to hold a baby.

People around me don’t take me very seriously when I say I’m done having kids, but if they saw one glimpse of my feelings on the subject they’d see that I would go TODAY, right this SECOND and get my tubes tied if I wasn’t so afraid of surgery because of my blood condition.

Geez, kid, Stop Moving!

Payson just scooted forward 3 feet while on his tummy. Both the girls were late scooters/crawlers/walkers so this is crazy to me.

I’m still thinking it’s a fluke even though he’s been scooting more and more as the week’s went on.
I really can’t wait until he crawls. Knowing him and how curious he is about everything- he’ll be a lot more enjoyable when he can get around to new toys to play with by himself.

And another thing- will he ever stop PULLING MY HAIR?! Gosh- he keeps ripping out huge chunks of hair with his death grip.

Elevation 7,800 Feet ~ Pinal Mountains!

We went to the Pinal Mountains yesterday. We drove up to the highest peak, Pinal Peak, which is 7,848 feet! Then we drove back down the mountain a little ways to a campground and spent the afternoon having fun.

It was the best.time.ever! I can’t wait to go back! The amazing outdoor stuff here in Arizona is one of the biggest reasons we moved back. Really there were three reasons: Allan’s parents, the outdoor stuff, and Allan’s job.
We lived here from 2004 to 2006 and we didn’t take advantage of living close to Allan’s parents OR the outdoor stuff nearly as much as we should have, but we’re going to make up for it now 🙂

I have a TON of pictures from yesterday, I mean, a TON! All the orangey, yellow tones in the pictures are true to life- it was gorgeous fall scenery everywhere. Heaven!

It was so pretty up there that I had to take some portraits of each kid.

I have so many pictures of them that I am in love with!

Payson was hanging out in his bumbo a lot. Love that bumbo!

You can see the kids’ clothes and hair stuff on the table along with our snacks and the football. Yep, we brought the essentials. lol

Didn’t want to miss getting some shots of Payson on that stump.

He was happy in the wrap.

And I managed to get a couple family pictures.

Gosh what a view!

This is my new favorite picture of Allan 🙂

And then there was a lot of time spent playing in the trees.

Can’t leave Payson out!

Which made him happy!

The girls went exploring together.

And Payson fell asleep on Allan.

The girls used their lunchbags to collect leaves and rocks and twigs.

Payson was still out cold when we put him in his carseat to go home.

On the drive down there was this mama cow with her baby in the road. The girls were excited about that. lol

Evening Walk to Our Lot

We went for a walk tonight and we headed to our lot. We were surprised to see they’d started construction! Really the only thing done so far is the ground is dug out and the piping put in, but still that wasn’t expected so we’re excited.

I have a feeling they’re going to finish it super fast since they seem to be in a hurry to finish this neighborhood. We’re nervous it might be done in January! We’re trying to hold it off until March to save more money for a down payment.

Allan just loves the building process. He was video taping.

Video taping me taking pictures of him. lol

I made Payson laugh for these pictures, but he was TERRIBLE on the walk. He cried the whole time. I left my diaper bag in the house so I didn’t have a binky or toys and he was NOT happy. It was also time for bed for him, so that didn’t help.

You can see his eyes are red from crying just before I snapped this.

Hold me, I’m SCARED!

I never mentioned our crawly friends out here in the desert, did I? It’s known that the closer you live to the mountains and the further you live from the city the more creepy crawlies you have to worry about.
We live pretty far out there, closer to the mountains than the city.

There are a lot of creepy crawlies.
I don’t like creepy crawlies.

The first week we got here we had a pest control company come out. Thank goodness for that because we’ve found THREE dead scorpions in our garage and house!! EEEK! One was in the girls’ ROOM! I freaked out a bit but tried to remain calm because it was dead.

Today we found something that to me is much scarier, even though it’s less dangerous.

Uh-huh! Honey, can we MOVE?!?!
I kneeled down to take these pictures and when I did I accidentally bumped the shovel (without realizing it) and the spider slid down the shovel a little. I SCREAMED and jumped back, thinking it had come back to life or something! SCARY. I had goosebumps and shivers and even editing these pictures made me twitch. Aaaaack!!
Would you move?? lol

Painting Formula Cans like Pumpkins

We made pumpkins today out of Payson’s old formula cans. The girls painted them orange and the lid green and then glued on black construction paper faces.

I decided to make a couple days worth of sandwiches all at once to save time during lunch. So I have 3 days worth of sandwiches in my fridge 🙂 just add veggies and you have a lunch. yay

Lunch was: PB & Jelly Sandwiches, peas, applesauce, salad, cheese and pretzels.

There was baby spinach in the salad so for a bribe I told the girls if they ate all their salad they could have dessert. Dessert was raisins, chocolate chips, cranberries and a mini reeses cup. Oh and cran-rasberry juice! Yum.

I cleaned so much today. Payson woke me up at 6 so after giving him some applesauce I cleaned the kitchen, the playroom, my room and did the laundry. I’ve been folding the laundry in the school/storage room and it’s SO much better than dumping it all on my bed.

Today Payson took the longest nap he’s ever taken since he was born. I think it was 2 full hours! He was really happy and very hungry when he woke up 🙂