Feeling better :)

I actually feel better already! I’m usually sick for at least a full week but this cold only lasted 3 days!!

AND my mother in law came and spent the night here last night because Allan went with his dad to the lake and I would’ve been scared. It’s kinda scary out here in the middle of nowhere right next to the desert!

Anyway, I feel so much better after spending time with her. I think I’ve just been REALLY lonely the last couple months. We watched a movie and talked and she spent a lot of time coloring with and reading to the kids. She even cleaned my kitchen and trust me it was messy!
She’s a first grade teacher (one of the best teachers, actually) and so we get to talk about school stuff. She has lots of tips for teaching reading and stuff like that which is awesome.
Anyway, no pictures, but thought I’d post about being happy for a change!

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