Snaps From Our Rental

My temporary computer corner. Yes, my back is breaking from blogging from the floor!

I’m so glad we brought Payson’s bouncy chair! It’s a life saver. It’s temporarily his bed, too!

You can kinda see my kitchen in these two. The table and chairs were left here.

Sierra loves Payson’s exerciser as much as he does.

Brooklyn is still totally in love with Payson. We moved her carseat into the middle of the backseat on Saturday and she’s been helping with Payson while we drive. She sings to him, makes silly sounds/faces and best of all holds his binky in his mouth if he’s really upset. It’s awesome. I foresee some serious babysitting in her future. lol

He’s constantly pulling his shirts/bibs up to suck on. I finally bought him one of those tag blankets and WOW was he excited about it! He’s been sucking on it all day.

I think they said the box was a birthday cake and all the toys lined up were candles.

A bit freaky.

Allan had been teasing me about some babylegs I bought for Payson (he doesn’t like them) so I jokingly put Payson in this outfit to see what Allan would say. He didn’t even comment on it, though.

Taking care of business.

Mommy’s blogging buddy.

Lots of no cooking required meals around here. Lunchables were on the menu for this lunch.

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