Road Trip to Arizona!

So our road trip was packed and planned for in about 2 hours late Saturday night (which no electricity so we packed by flashlight and candlelight!).

We left Spring, Texas on Sunday morning around 9am. We drove (stopping every 2-3 hours for Payson) until 2:30am when we stopped in Las Cruces, New Mexico to stay at a hotel. We left the hotel around 7am and drove until 3pm which is when we reached Arizona- our new home!

This is a Dairy Queen somewhere in Dripping Springs, TX- I hadn’t taken any pictures up to this point because we were in such a rush.

We had to stop and get gas and feed Payson and this crappy little gas station was the nearest place. I think this was in Sonora, TX. The girls had SUCH a good time running around this little grass area, stretching their legs.

Allan is giving them jellybeans for being so good while driving.

The kids were all drifting off in the backseat at this point. I stuck my camera out the window and snapped without looking. lol

Allan and I got a chance to talk for several hours while the kids slept. It was REALLY nice.

We had a late dinner at IHOP in Fort Stockton.

This was the girls’ first time staying in a hotel and they LOVED it. We got checked into our room around 3am so as excited as they were about it, they didn’t get to see much until the next morning.
The next morning, however, they were bouncing off the walls with excitement.

This is the next day around lunch time in Lordsburg, TX.

The next two are the only ones I took of the scenery. Once again taken from inside the car 🙁

We’ve eaten so healthy the last couple weeks. (Except the opposite)

Allan is on the phone in all of these because he had SO much to get accomplished in very little time. He made ALL of the business calls the last couple weeks to get everything setup for us here.

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