My Sweet Little Mama’s Boy

Payson slept through the night last night! 7 hours! I’m really hoping that’s not a fluke, but if it is, it was a nice 7 hour chunk that was VERY needed by me. I’ve been completely physically exhausted. My doctor told me it was really unhealthy to not sleep and not eat much. I told him, “can you tell that to my son!” haha.

Oh and remember that weight challenge thing I dropped out of? I’ve gained ten pounds since then!! And it’s definitely not from overeating! I only eat two meals every day. That’s the reason why I gained weight, actually! My doctor said as soon as I started eating more calories (from 600 to 1300) my body held on to them all because my metabolism must be completely dead right now after being sick and not eating for 2 months!

So even though I eat so little it’s just enough to gain weight because my body thinks it’s starving because I lost that 30 lbs so fast. You’d think my body would realize it had an extra 20 sitting around and that was plenty of storage, but nope!
Anyway, my doctor said I need to start eating 3 meals a day and 2 snacks and NOT to ever go under 1800 calories a day for a while (I’m supposed to check in with him every few months). He said that after a while my body would realize it’s being nourished and if I add exercise the weight will start coming off.

I added all that because you might’ve noticed I’m looking a bit pudgier in my photos lately. lol

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