We move September 22nd!!

Exactly two weeks! Can you believe that?!

This is to answer you, Jordan, but also because I just realized how crazy it is that we’re moving so soon and had to post about it! lol

Can you believe we’re going to do that looooong road trip with our 3 little-uns? Are we crazy or what? I love road trips, though, and Payson’s been much better in the car, so hopefully all will go relatively smooth.

We have a rental house all set up and then our new house will be ready in January or February. I haven’t talked much about our new house, but I’m really excited about it. I’ll have to do a post on that sometime, I have pictures of where it’ll be built and our view and stuff.
By the way, Allan set up a contract for our house to be built without me having even seen the model home! Funny, huh? All I know is the floorplan looks great so I’m happy 🙂

Oh and she hurt her elbow running down the driveway to the car. I wasn’t there- Allan says she just got going too fast for her feet to keep up with and fell 🙁

and my girls use Loreal kids shampoo (that question was asked ages ago- sorry, Brandy!)

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