Target and the Park

We went to Target to get one of those swaddle blankets for Payson. He keeps pulling his blanket all around his crib and I suppose that’s a suffocation hazard I must avoid. It sucks that babies can’t have blankets and stuffed animals until they’re so much older. Payson LOVES his teddy bear and blue blanket. Oh well.

Payson hung out in the cart part of the time. He also spit up ALL over both of us. It sucks that he spits up so much- makes going on errands unpleasant.

I took the girls to the park again while we waited for the people to leave our house.

Brooklyn was saying, “Here mom take Payson, he’s hot now, let’s go in the shade.”

Someone needs a safety pin.

Some Q&As:

Hey Ariana, just curious…how long does Payson nap? Is he pretty good?He’s a terrible napper. He was really bad up until a week ago. He’d only nap if I was laying next to him and holding the binky in his mouth. Now he naps for 20 minutes to an hour a couple times a day. Definitely not enough. He will nap for a good hour or two in the Moby wrap, which is what I do every afternoon.

Do you guys always build when you move? Have you ever bought a “used” house? Is it just a preference thing?
I don’t know- there’s so many new communities it just always seemed like the thing to do.

They said the 7×7 books are printed on a different printer than the larger books and maybe that’s why I wasn’t happy with this book compared to my others? What size was your book that you ordered?
The book I recently got was 7×7. The first book I got (in 2006) was a 8×10 and it was good quality. So I guess I’ll skip the 7×7 size from now on.

Do you mind telling me where this park is? We will be closer to that area again when we move and I’d love to go there!!
If I forget to email you where it is in the next week, remind me!

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