Sibling Love, New Park, Fun Times

First off just a couple I snapped in the playroom. Payson was loving his sisters acting so silly.

Next up this awesome park I found in April when Jeena was here and never went back to! The girls LOVED it and I LOVED it and Payson LOVED it. Success. I soooo wish I’d found it LAST year so I could enjoy it for another year. Boo
I have a bazillion pictures. My mom will love me for that, I think 🙂 right mom? It sorta-kinda-a-little-bit makes up for me not coming out there every year?

There’s this really awesome covered picnic area. We had lunchables, pringles, and juice at the table. The girls had a complete blast. The temperature under the shade was PERFECT. There was a tiny cool breeze. Oh my gosh it was the best 2 hours I’ve had in a while! I SO needed this afternoon- it was seriously an answered prayer!

I am in for some rough teenage years with this one. She is so moody.

Brooklyn would be such a great actress or model. She can pose like no other. She was sitting there ready for a picture and within 3 seconds I’d called out, “sweet, mad, laughing” and this is what I got!! Seriously, can you believe that laughing picture?? She wasn’t laughing at anything, just laughing because I told her to. lol

They had this little stage so the girls had to sing and perform for me.

There were so many of those stupid lovebugs around. We were just swarmed by them! They landed on me at least once every five seconds and they don’t fly off when you wave them away, you actually have to hit them off you, and I HATE touching bugs. Eeeewww!
This next set of pictures still cracks me up. Unbeknownst to Sierra, there was a lovebug on her juice (near the top on the right). Brooklyn saw it and almost started crying she was so upset it was there.

He LOVES baby toys. This one is his very favorite.

Oh my gosh guys, trust me when I say he looks like a little clone of my dad here! I LOVE it!

He really loves Brooklyn.

He actually really enjoyed being on the ground and watching the girls and me. lol

So guess who laughed today for the first time? Yep, Payson!! He’s been doing short little chuckles almost the last two days. Where he does a laugh sound but it’s a short little “ha” and that’s it. Well, today he was laying there and I was singing the ants go marching again and he loved it so much he let out this adorable laugh! It was the cutest thing ever!! I’ve been waiting for his laugh and it didn’t disappoint! He giggled again a couple more times during the song and gave me the hugest, cutest smiles in the world.
In the storyboard in the right picture you can see what he does after a huge grin, when he’s super excited- he arches to the side like that, and then most of the time he covers his face. So cute!

Whew, lots of pictures this week! You’d never guess I was insanely busy with the way I’m posting. lol

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