The View from my Backyard

The other evening there was a thunderstorm right at sunset. Allan, the kids, and I were watching TV (this is when I took that last family picture) and I had my camera out and happened to look outside and saw the most awesome orange color! I’d forgotten how AMAZING sunsets are in Arizona! All of these pictures are taken from my backyard. I love the view!

I can’t get over how orange everything was!

This is the neighborhood park that is right behind our house- we walk there in a couple of minutes.

Brooklyn was watching me take pictures, I snapped a few of her as well 🙂


I had to get Payson a new bath seat since the other one is still in Texas. I like this one better anyway because he’s more upright and it takes up less room so I can bathe all 3 kids at the same time! Yay, time saver. All 3 kids could live in the bath and Payson thinks it’s hilarious to be in the bath with the girls.

Feeling better :)

I actually feel better already! I’m usually sick for at least a full week but this cold only lasted 3 days!!

AND my mother in law came and spent the night here last night because Allan went with his dad to the lake and I would’ve been scared. It’s kinda scary out here in the middle of nowhere right next to the desert!

Anyway, I feel so much better after spending time with her. I think I’ve just been REALLY lonely the last couple months. We watched a movie and talked and she spent a lot of time coloring with and reading to the kids. She even cleaned my kitchen and trust me it was messy!
She’s a first grade teacher (one of the best teachers, actually) and so we get to talk about school stuff. She has lots of tips for teaching reading and stuff like that which is awesome.
Anyway, no pictures, but thought I’d post about being happy for a change!

Ugh, We’re Sick!

I hate being sick! ALL of us are VERY sick. Sierra started it. Payson and I came next. Brooklyn and Allan followed. Sierra’s mostly over it now, Payson and I have it the worst. I feel like CRAP. It’s making me so moody. It really doesn’t help that I started my period this week for the first time in a year, too! Ugh!!

See how dark it is in my rental? I need FLASH. Blech.

Our Local Library

I took a ton of pictures because I was so impressed with the children’s section of our library! I think we’ll end up visiting the library a heck of a lot more often!

These first few are from the 5 and under play area. There is a puppet theater and play house and puzzles and several play things to climb on.

And then there’s this giant castle which my kids flipped out over. Their eyes were huge and they were smiling the entire time they explored it.

This is one of the rooms in the top of the castle.

After playing in the castle for quite a while they went back to the under 5 area to put on a puppet show for me.

And then the rest are all from the under 5 area, too.

The Crayon Incident

I brought some crayons with us from Texas. I counted out 8 for each girl so that I could keep track of them so that there won’t be any wall “decorations”.
Well, I didn’t count them when I cleaned them up and lo and behold one stray BLACK crayon escaped my cleanup. Sierra found it and drew ALL over the walls AND tile while I was trying to put a hysterical Payson to bed. It’s the worst coloring on the walls (and tile) she’s EVER done!! I was in SHOCK when I saw it! I went out right away and got some Mr. Clean erasers and promptly threw out the crayons!
Here we all are happily enjoying some colors before Sierra decided to destroy our rental.